With the COVID19 Pandemic in full swing, its needless to say our collective consciousness is in an all out panic. While we are all trying our best to work through the fog of uncertainty that looms in front of us, there are undoubtedly highs and lows for all of us. This is simply the facts of life of the unprecedented struggle we’re dealing with.

The world has been turned upside down!


That being said, we are all in this together and although I am not quite sure society as a whole will come out of this with any more of a permanent sense of kinship, unity,.. I have witnessed a collection of sub cultures pushing forward and uniting during this time.

One subculture that I have kept my eye on for a little bit of time is that one in the realm of breathe work and meditation. I’ve always been one to peel off the outer covering of this consciousness we call life. What are the secrets of this silent Earth that we are living on? Is what we are seeing everyday reality or is it just illusions of Gaia? Haha ok enough questions. Today we are going to talk about the wonders of breath work, deep breathing and the WIM HOF method. What is Wim Hof? Well it’s more like who is Wim Hof, and who raised him to be the deep seeking pirate that he came to be.



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