Hey what’s up guys, so hipeGALAXY has big plans for 2020 as we have been slowly bringing our digital presence up to speed. A few weeks ago, a company called Inner Art World reached out to us and complimented us about our site. We thought their movement is pretty dope and agreed to do a feature spotlight on the company and their artists, so…


Inner art world boasts an assortment of groovy pieces ranging from footwear and clothing to accessories and home decor. The company hosts a collection of 8 artists responsible for some super dope designs.


There is also an opportunity to work for Inner Art World and get your designs featured on their products, so feel free to reach out if you are looking to expand your brand.

While they have no shortage of dope designs, one of my favorite selections was is in their home decor section and goes by the name “Temple of the Sun” as you can tell by the pictures below, this design is right up our alley and true to our lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

Dimensions: The Inner Art World Pillow cases are designed for 45 cm x 45 cm (1.575 in. x 1.575 in.) but as you can see by the pictures the cases are pretty versatile.

Care Instructions: For first time washing, please rinse with water before use. Select gentle machine washing mode, avoid clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons, we recommend using a mild detergent. You should also hand wash it in cold water before initial use just because.


As we mentioned, Inner Art World boasts a roster of talented artists who do an amazing job of building the brand and it’s thoughtful, multi-dimensional designs.ย  Let’s take a look at the talent below in no particular order.


@Ajayart aka Anthony Jones art focuses on a psychedelic experiences and is, too put it simply, super badass.

My greatest inspiration comes from within, a knowing that my purpose as a visionary artist is to convey the spiritual pathway in as much accuracy and detail as I possibly can. In doing this, I give people that have seen a chance to once again view the familiar and offer a first-hand view to those that have not. External motivation comes from the greatest visionary artists of our time, people that continue to confront the psychedelic experience with great courage and express its true nature, one that has the best intentions for humankind.

Check out the rest of his bio on his Facebook pageย and also his independent website,


Christopher’s design seem to blend his background in ceramics and pottery fused with a retro graffiti.



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