The Houston Texans pulled off one of the best trades during the NFL Free Agency period. To use a famous golfing term that all of us hackers know about. Houston got a โ€œmulliganโ€ by dumping that clown Brock Osweiler and his absurd contract off to the Cleveland Browns. It was like a gift from the heavens.

Now Houston should capitalize on that mulligan and go out and sign Tony Romo and cross their fingers and pray that he will stay healthy. If the heavens smile on Houston yet again and Romo stays healthy for the entire season I could see them playing New England in the AFC Championship game. The talent on that roster on both sides of the ball is crazy good. You have the reigning #1 defense that played the entire season without the three time defensive player of the year in J.J. Watt. Teaming him up with the freak known as Jadeveon Clowney (in my opinion the leading candidate for DPOY this year) is just scary to think about, especially for opposing offensive coordinators and quarterbacks.


Offensively, you have an above average offensive line. A stud number one wide receiver in Hopkins, a game breaker in second year player Will Fuller(could be second coming of Desean Jackson if he learns to hang onto the ball), a serviceable tight end in Fiedorowicz and a above average running back in Lamar Miller. If you plug in Tony Romo who has a career regular season record of (78-49) and when healthy is a sure fire top 10 QB in this league it would be in the top 3-5 offenses in the AFC.

Remember this is a team who has won their division each of the past two years with no quarterback. In my opinion signing Romo to a 1-2 year deal is worth the risk because the reward could be enormous.ย 


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