All right. Well, take care yourself. I guess that’s what you do best.  WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THE CLEVELAND BROWNS DOING?!?!

Well, per Mary Kay Cabot of, this was actually quite the savvy Moneyball move.  Once Brock Osweiller was acquired from the Houston Texans, the Browns had never intended on keeping the man formerly known as “The Brockweiller”  (see Redman & Method Man’s – Da Rockwilder).   Here’s what actually happened…

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill playing Billy Beane and Peter Brand of the Oakland A’s in the 2011 motion picture, Moneyball

Cleveland took Osweiller’s salary off the books for the Texans but also received a 2nd and 6th round pick in this years draft (just an FYI, Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round if you didn’t know that already).  In return, the Texans got Cleveland’s compensatory 4th round pick and were able to rid themselves of Os’s $16 Million guaranteed contract.

Moving forward, the Brown’s are attempting to move Os in exchange for a 3rd round pick and are willing to pay up to half of the QB’s guaranteed salary, which makes him a somewhat viable, somewhat affordable back up… somewhat.   If the Browns can’t move Ossweiler they will renounce his rights and in essence would have paid $16 million to move from the 4th round, to the 2nd round.  Amazing what ownership will spend their money on when things don’t count against the cap.  All-in-all, that just about wraps things up.  Good luck Cleveland and thank you for the write up.  Enjoy your factories!


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