Everyone knows the Ball family by now, thanks to the patriarch big mouth known as LaVar Ball. It started back in November when Jeff Goodman of ESPN was interviewing him. Ball stated “UCLA gonna win the NCAA Championship and you think I’m playin’….Right here and now….Guaranteed!” Then he made an outrageous comment that his son Lonzo is already better than 2-time NBA MVP Steph Curry. 

LaVar Ball on Undisputed

If this was not bad enough what really started me to turn on this guy was the interview he had with Colin Cowterd, oops I mean Colin Cowherd on Cowherd’s radio show. First firing shots at NBA Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley, after Barkley pretty much called him a stupid idiot saying “maybe he’d win a championship if he thought like me.” He also said during that interview that no matter what he says and does, his son(s) better have his back. So pretty much he’s saying no matter how absurd and asinine his comments and actions are his son(s) should support him no matter what. Which brings to the most asinine comment he has said and that I have heard in a long time. LaVar, a scrub that averaged 2.2 points per game during his one season at Washington St said “Jordan cannot stop me one-on-one. He better make every shot ‘cause he can’t go around me. He’s not fast enough.”  I mean come on dude. Just please stop. Can you say media whore. Will say or do anything to be on TV.

LaVar Ball joins Colin Cowherd on The Herd

Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame while it last because when you son comes up small in the NCAA tourney and then even smaller in the NBA, that Big Baller Brand will be worth as much as the toilet paper I wipe my ass with. I honestly feel bad for the Ball kids. They now have the weight of world on their shoulders thanks to their loser father who never amounted to shit. When they fail to live up to the outrageous expectations he has set for them, they will feel the heat, not him. Every one of these kids are marked men. They all have bulls-eyes on their back thanks to their father. Good work LaVar you should be proud of yourself.


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