Ecom Dave provides both one-on-one coaching and video modules through his Academy to help you build a successful Amazon FBA business.


David’s website boasts dozens of glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, validating his claims of $1,000 to $120,000 monthly profits. Students also praise Ecom Dave’s instruction as being really helpful and inspiring. The Amazon FBA Academy is an easy-to-understand but thorough resource for learning about the Amazon fulfillment center. For people who know little to nothing about setting up an Amazon FBA business, this is the best resource. People with more background knowledge might not find it as useful.

Learn more about “Ecom Dave” and whether or not his courses are worth your money and time in this review. In addition, we will briefly evaluate Local Lead Generation in relation to Amazon’s FBA service. The entry barrier is lower than in dropshipping, so you might want to give it a try. Now, then, let’s get this party started!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Electronic Commerce Courses and Training from Dave’s Amazon FBA Academy

● Superb mentoring and assistance. For many of these students, economics Dave made special efforts to direct and inspire them.

● His website features a plethora of testimonials presented in interview format, each attesting to his product’s success.

● Amazon FBA training courses cover every aspect of the service. When coupled with Ecom Dave’s instruction, this program provides a comprehensive introduction to the Amazon FBA business concept for beginners.

● Unlike many course authors, Ecom Dave discloses his own sales data for the past three years (the most recent of which is from 2021).


● There are almost no reviews, or even mentions, of his shows elsewhere save his website. This means that there is a preponderance of positive feedback for Ecom Dave.

● You could be waiting three months or more before you see any kind of profit with Ecom Dave’s strategies. You must commit to the program 100% if you want to see results.

● Customers may be misled if the high costs associated with Amazon FBA aren’t made clear up front (such as shipping fees, transaction fees, etc.).

● Advertising your products on Amazon’s front page might cost you upwards of $400 a month. There’s a 0% chance of seeing a return on your money unless your business appears on the very top page.

The refund policy for Coaching is not specified, while there is a 14-day money-back guarantee for the Academy.

Ecom Dave says it takes two years to create the software. This process most likely began in 2020.

Outside of his own website and a few interviews, there is remarkably little coverage of Ecom Dave or his Amazon FBA programs. His true ability as a coach and his eagerness to assist students are praised in the many comments he has received.

Even though I identified one ex-student who thought it was a waste of time (stated at the conclusion of this blog post), my investigation leads me to believe that Ecom Dave is a trustworthy individual and instructor.

ecom dave scam | ecom dave reviewDavid Scheuer, or “Ecom Dave,” is an FBA expert and coach who has made six figures on Amazon. He got his business education at Florida International University. While in Miami, he also worked as a bartender. This was before he started selling on Amazon. He worked as a bartender five or six days a week till six in the morning, but his after-tax salary was just little more than $50,000 a year. He was strapped for cash but too busy to look for a second job, so he searched “earn money online” on Google and came on a Gary Vaynerchuck video on retail arbitrage. Because of this, I ended up on a never-ending loop of Tom Wang and Viral Launch videos. In total, he spent over 900 hours observing and studying about Amazon FBA through this method.

Soon after, at the tender age of 18, he put all his funds of $4,800 into a single venture: an Amazon-based internet store. A diaper caddy was the initial item he offered for sale on Amazon. He promptly placed an order for 1,000 items. Unfortunately, it was a total bust. He tried to compete on pricing with a seller who already had many positive evaluations, but he failed because of his lack of experience.

Although he made many mistakes along the way, he continued going. Poor negotiation skills, unreliable cooperation with suppliers, the introduction of subpar goods, the creation of inefficient pay-per-click advertisements, and other factors contributed to a total loss of almost $20,000. But he persevered and now claims to already have sold more than $5 million on Amazon in the last five years, all through FBA.

With high-income sales data and a YouTube channel full of instructional, as well as an FBA training video, Ecom Dave is an established specialist in the field (specific numbers shared below). There are three primary areas that he focuses on while dealing with Amazon FBA:

● Locate Products with High Profit Potential

● Buy from just the best companies.

● Be sure your products are featured on the first page of results.

Ecom Dave simplifies his FBA selling procedure by highlighting these three factors. You can determine that Ecom Dave is knowledgeable about this topic by comparing his resources to the ones we’ve compiled for FBA.

With Ecom Dave’s FBA coaching and FBA Academy programs, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own FBA business. Those who join his coaching program also become members of his Academy.

They are for people who enjoy working with coaches and who are interested in being held accountable. People who aren’t familiar with the Amazon FBA platform would also benefit from this.

Aside from access to the “secret” Amazon FBA Facebook group (which, again, anyone can join, regardless of whether they purchase his programs or not) and everything listed below. This is a multi-week project, with each piece being worked on weekly (for a total of 12 weeks).

● Week 1- Introduction to Amazon FBA

Find out what you need to do to get started as a seller on Amazon.

● Week 2- Product Research

Find out the best practices for identifying high-profit Amazon items.

● Week 3- How to Outperform Your Competitors

Find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition and outsell them easily.

● Week 4- Communication and Negotiation with Suppliers

Find out where to look and how to communicate with vendors to secure competitive pricing on your goods.

● Week 5-Building a Product Listing

Find out how to optimize your Amazon product page for search engines like Google to increase your visibility and sales.

● Week 6-Tips for Transporting Your Items

Find out how to ship your goods affordably and have them inspected thoroughly.

● Week 7- Rank and the Effectiveness of Amazon PPC

Mastering the use of keywords and Amazon’s advertising platform will drive more customers to your product listing and increase sales.

● Week 8- Paid Per Click Campaigns

If you want more traffic, you should familiarize yourself with pay-per-click advertising.

● Week 9- Ranking

Find out what it takes to have your Amazon product page appear on the first page of results.

● Week 10- Business Expansion

Study international trade practices, track down opinion formers to advocate for your wares, and staff up accordingly.

● Week 11/12- Make Money from Your Knowledge

Find out how to make money by offering your services to companies that need them with the help of FBA.

You can get weekly strategy sessions (matched to the level and experience of each student). Whenever possible, make on-the-spot phone calls to students (typically to respond to questions that are too long for emails). You will also have personalized attention (students frequently felt valued and that he intended them to succeed). You can have access to all lessons and videos from the FBA Academy (on top of the personal coaching).

From Dave’s own sales experience and that of his pupils, it’s clear that Ecom Dave’s strategies work. On Ecom Dave’s sales website you will find various testimonials in the form of interviews. Many of these testimonies also provide quantitative data to back up the author’s claims of the program’s efficacy. Ecom Dave also includes his personal findings here.

You can see actual figures from his previous and current FBA endeavors in his free Amazon training video. He sold $64,449.00 worth of merchandise on Amazon in his first year. In the next year, he made $159,393.26 in sales. However, a recent look at his finances reveals a stunning $496,772.28.

His students were likewise willing to give out their contact info. There are many success stories from people who have implemented Ecom Dave’s strategies. One example among many can be seen below.

Testimonials from his former students attest to earnings of $1,000 per month all the way up to $120,000. It appears that the monthly cost range of $2,000 to $4,000 is the most common. There is sufficient evidence from both the testimonials and the stats to conclude that following Ecom Dave’s programs will result in the launch of a successful FBA enterprise on your part.

Here are Natasha’s (another student’s) accomplishments after participating in Ecom Dave’s coaching and the Amazon FBA Academy:

● Working Knowledge of Electronic Commerce The coaching from Dave and the training provided by Amazon FBA Academy are “excellent” in everyone’s eyes.

● She claims that even if she spent a million hours on YouTube learning about Amazon FBA, he still wouldn’t learn as much as he did from Ecom Dave’s programs.

● Recognized the value of Ecom Dave’s attempt to give her a hand and show her the ropes of Amazon FBA.

● Ecom suggests Dave’s program of instruction for newcomers to Amazon FBA who are short on time but eager to get started.

Trust the outstanding sales numbers that Ecom Dave and his pupils share. However, be wary of the unsaid FBA fees and problematic suppliers. While doing research, I came across an in-depth internet review where the author shared their thoughts and feelings on the coaching program offered by Ecom Dave.

In a word, they felt deceived because the emphasis in his advertising and training was on top line growth rather than bottom-line profitability. Ecom Dave and his students may make less money than they claim to. Here is what they actually said:

“Wasted time on this course and after 4 months everything is lost. His videos only tell you what you want to listen and not the reality about all the cost and expenses. Those videos are talking about revenue. Revenue not the same as income. If you subtract all expenses on shipping, fees, samples, other hidden cost the real income is not great.”

The coaching and Academy program provided by Ecom Dave were appreciated for the following reasons:

● Customized instruction on a one-on-one basis

● Finding reliable suppliers is a skill that can be learned.

● You can use any of these three images for free on your Amazon product page.

● Mastering the steps to create an Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account

● Plenty of instructional videos available for study

The things they disliked were as follows:

● A focus on marketing low-priced goods manufactured in China

● Challenges in coordinating with and interacting with overseas vendors

● The uncertainty of earning any money at all

● You won’t see any profits from your product sales until after three to five months.

● You need to invest between $ 400 and $ 700 in advertising (most likely pay-per-click or sponsored content) in order to get your product listed.

● Amazon can easily replicate your product and enter the market, where they can undercut you with absurdly low pricing before raising them again once you go out of business.

● It’s possible that a low-priced product would generate a large profit (leading to bad reviews)

● After paying all of your costs, you may be left with only 25% to 30% of your revenue (e.g. shipping fees,inspection fees, transaction fees, etc.)

They said that Ecom Dave’s Amazon FBA took four months and got absolutely nothing out of it. When they discovered the whole cost, the recommended low-quality products, and the unanticipated difficulty of working with foreign vendors, they quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it.

In 2022, selling on Amazon through Fulfillment by Amazon is still a lucrative business. However, there are several considerations worth making.

To begin, the market is already quite full and continuing to expand. Every day, at least 4,000 new vendors sign up. Without a competitive edge, it’s easy for businesses to be driven out of existence by lower prices and competition. Even more discouraging, Amazon can and will also do this!

Second, there is a consistent increase in the expenses associated with maintaining an Amazon FBA company. This year, fundamental operating expenses went up by 5.2%. Shipping costs have increased three to four times as much, according to retailers. If you’re doing the math on beginning an Amazon FBA business, you should account for this.

Last but not least, be aware that account suspension is a real possibility. Amazon’s more lenient account suspension policies can be attributed to the daily influx of new vendors. Due to the potential for customer confusion, Amazon does not support the use of drop shippers. Consequently, they see no problem in abruptly canceling the services of a huge number of accounts with little to no warning.

You can succeed with Amazon FBA if you are prepared to face these challenges head-on and enter a highly competitive field that demands ongoing effort and creativity.

Ecom Dave is an excellent choice if you’re looking to launch an FBA business and hire a coach. Real instruction and his collection of instructional films should provide more than enough material to get you started. Don’t forget, though, that you’re taking a risk if you expect money to come in right away. The goal of the program is to create passive income, but you’ll have to put in the initial work and sweat equity to boost individual products in your store. In addition, you’ll also have to cope with irritating communication problems with suppliers and money-eating charges. But lucky for you Ecom Dave covers all that in his course supplying you with proper verbiage and scripts to keep suppliers from realizing you’re a noob they can feast on. Once they see someone is inexperienced, it is more common for suppliers to try to jack up prices in an attempt to take advantage of their the buyer’s inexperience.

One major drawback of Amazon FBA is the difficulty in knowing whether or not the service will be profitable. As an added complication, communicating with overseas vendors might be challenging because of language problems.

In contrast, the expenditure required for local lead generation is substantially lower, making it an ideal solution to these problems (costing essentially nothing more than your free time and effort to create a basic web presence). Moreover, you never partner with national chains, just mom-and-pop shops.

Find out why 7,000 other students and I think local lead generation is the best way to generate money online right now.




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