It’s hard to gauge what everyone’s internet browsing experience is like because well, it’s their experience.  But what has undoubtedly gone without notice is the plant-based movement which includes both veganism and overall holistic health (sans junk food, processed sugars, GMO’s, etc).

Whether it’s turmeric tea, essential oils or overall nutritional advice, if you haven’t realized we are going through an informational renaissance then you are a hermit living under a rock, or just another battery plugged into The Matrix.  A cog in the wheel if you will.


My long time friend David Goldman posted a rather inspirational video the other day and although I just completely understated how it made me feel, I’ll leave it to you to watch it below.  David is a licensed sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist living in Bend, Oregon.  His clients range from the sedentary and obese to Olympic athletes.  Today, his specialty is “Plant-based Bio-Hacking”, which is another way of saying that David is constantly researching ways for optimal nutrition, the effects of fasting, supplements and aiding the human body in it’s recovery.  He is also on the panel for the Plant Fit Summit which you can sign up for and learn more about here.  The summit takes place online from September 1st – 10th and includes a ton of interesting speakers

“I’m helping literally everything with it.  I’m helping humans and animals and the planet.  Find something else that can do that and I’ll do it”

He even goes on to show you how to help others take the plunge into not just better health, but also into what seems like the next step of human evolution.

“Add stuff you love to what you’re already eating, that happens to also be a plant.  The process should not suck, it should be amazing and if you’re not loving it, you’re not doing it right and ask someone for help who has seen people through this process.  We could help you.  You are helping animals, you are helping the planet, you are improving your own health. What more can you want?” David continues to explain.

This sort of brings me to my next point that I truly believe the next step in our evolution process as a species is to learn how to optimize not just what goes in our bodies but also how we are meant to move, how we are meant to sit, how we are meant to walk and even breathe.  This all falls under the umbrella of human bio-mechanics and plays a huge part in our long-term health and our present day performance.  How we eat and how we move are one in the same.  What we put into our bodies, and how we use them.

Human’s have been very pre-occupied in our short history.  First, with survival (cavemen days – middle ages) and then with enhancing our own comfort-ability.  We’ve been so obsessed with finding new and exciting ways to make our stay on this planet ULTRA convenient, that we’ve been distracted from a lot of our basic human needs.  What has transpired during this process is that humans have seemed to have gone a little bit overboard with that convenience thing and we are only now returning back to our roots, re-discovering our innate abilities and how our systems are actually meant work.

Although there’s plenty of work to be done before a true paradigm shift can take place, these are definitely new and exciting times for those who have been actively participating this awakening.


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