Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell this morning.  Serving a life sentence with no parole for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013, Hernandez was found in his cell, dead somehow utilizing a bed sheet to do the deed.  Hernandez was serving his sentence in a  single cell in a maximum security state prison in Massachusetts, where the crime was committed (general population housing unit).  Reportedly, Hernandez tried to block the cell door from the inside by jamming it with various items.  It is still unclear what method Hernandez used to take his own life.  Hernandez, who was acquitted of a double murder of two men in 2012 5 days ago, must have not been able to cope with seeing the outside world while being transported for the trial and decided to end himself.  He left behind his fiance and a daughter at the age of 4.

Aaron Hernandez doing him

This people is an example of a typical coward, but of the worst kind.  Listen man, you do the crime – pay the fucking time.  I mean this guy can’t even face the music of what he did.  Tough enough to take someones life, but not tough enough to spend time in jail.  Listen, jail ain’t cool – fair enough, I spent 24 hours in a cell for driving without a license.  It sucked.  But at least go in there and try and be on some Kingpin shit.  At least attempt to run shit, ya know?  But no, this little baby takes his own life, in effect, not serving the true punishment he was given.  Man this guy didn’t even serve more than what, 4 years?  I don’t know where people go when they die but this guy belongs in the gutter.  Hernandez was 27 years old.


I slipped into slight depression when I graduated from college and wasn’t hooking up with 2 or 3 girls a week.  I can only imagine what this guy was going through –  LMAO!

Apparently there was some hope that he was gonna be reunited with his family – not sure to what extent, but now he’s dead.  ESPN reporters are “shocked” as I’m writing this piece while watching the breaking news report.  Shocked?  Skiiiiiiiiiiirt, pump the breaks a second.  I don’t know if shocked is the exact word I’d use to explain the suicide of a man serving a life sentence in prison with no parole.  I mean c’mon, let’s be real – the guy went from winning Superbowls with Tom Brady and banging god knows what type of girls to cold rooms, grey walls and god knows what type of men.  I slipped into slight depression when I graduated from college and wasn’t hooking up with 2 or 3 girls a week.  I can only imagine what this guy was going through.  In any case, its no excuse.  I’m a big proponent of being a man and facing the consequences of your actions.  Prime example, if you take the express lane on the i95 in Florida you’ve sealed your fate.  And vice-versa for that matter.  These cats who veer in and out of the lane driving over the cones and almost causing fatal accidents – man that is just unacceptable.  Unless you got a doctors appointment or something, man up and live with your decision.  Stay in your lane.

That’s it for now my fellow Galactians, I have to go to work.  For some reason I woke up early enough to read this breaking news and do a quick write up about it.  Hopefully I’m early enough that the SEO picks this up for my promptness.  Happy hunting out there and for whatever reason, stay strong.  Nation out.


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