roush label

Roush Label

Roush Label is a record label that specializes in electronic dance music (EDM) and is based in Madrid, Spain. The label was founded in 2013 by Hector Couto, a well-known DJ and producer in the Spanish electronic music scene.

Roush Label has become known for its high-quality releases of house and techno music, and has established itself as one of the leading record labels in the underground dance music scene. The label has a strong roster of artists, which includes both established names and up-and-coming producers, such as Kinnerman, Chicks Luv Us, and Vibe Killers.


Roush Label’s releases have gained support from many prominent DJs and producers, and the label has been praised for its commitment to showcasing diverse and innovative electronic music. The label also hosts its own events, and has hosted showcases at many of the world’s most prestigious music festivals and events.

Overall, Roush Label has become a respected name in the world of electronic dance music, and continues to be a driving force in pushing the genre forward with its high-quality releases and events.

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