Established in May 2019, MÜSE recently marked its second anniversary with a remarkable series of releases featuring renowned artists like Matthias Tanzmann and Josh Butler. In a relatively short span of time, the label has gained recognition for delivering top-notch productions tailored for the dancefloor, while also showcasing emerging talents within the music scene, including Alan Nieves and Bizen Lopez.

In the realm of music, a ‘MÜSE’ refers to a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration for artists. This term has united two like-minded artists who share a common vision. We had the opportunity to chat with Dennis Cruz and Eddy M, the driving forces behind MÜSE, to delve into the story behind their imprint and how it all unfolded following the release of their Summer Cuts V/A on the label.


Label bosses Eddy M and Dennis Cruz recently sat down with Mr. Afterparty for an insightful interview about the label and what’s to come.

muse record label dennis cruz eddy m

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