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GALAXYcast 001 - Arrezzo - After The Afters

‘After the Afters’ is a chill mix highlighted by tech and minimal grooves. As part of the first of many compiliations for the network, galaxyCAST 001 is was intended to be played either as a warmup or cool down session for all your partying efforts. Included you’ll find some sexy vocals, some classics and minimal / tech beats. We hope you enjoy the mix and we are diligently working on the next episode. Enjoy!


01. Natalia Roth – Routine
02. Traumer, Ada Kaleh – Peranta
03. Wheats – What You Do
04. Endor – Sway
05. Michael Bibi – Garden Of Groove
06. Mason Talbot – Cocaina
07. Michael Bibi – Lemonade
08. Pawsa – Pthalo Blues
09. Endor – El Cuervo
10. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Late Replies Edit)
11. Marco Tropeano – No Me Importa
12. Figaraw & Captain Knuckles -Cat Call
13. Reme – Check It Out
14. Samuele Scelfo – Hariseva
15. Michael Bibi – Youth Culture
16. Harvy Valencia, Ariana George – Up And Down
17. Wheats – Heads Roll
18. Travis Scott – Antidote (Justin Jay’s Party On A Sunday Edit)
19. Joseph Edmund – Breathe
20. Prok & Fitch – Common People
21. Shoke – Bring It Back
22. David Lowe – Attractive
23. Nineteen 90 – Marijuana
24. Ferra Black – Vibra
25. Wheats – Let’s Kick It

We’d also like to make a special shout out to Michael Bibi. The brains and brawns behind the Solid Grooves music label, Michael has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has quickly began receiving treatment. With the entire industry at his back, we’d like to send 100x prayers up for Mr. Bibi. Through our own musical journey, Experiences at Michael’s shows has spearheaded our reentering into the industry and has heavily sparked and motivated our passion for tech house. Making several appearances on this mix and those to come, we’d like to send a special shoutout to Michael himself and encourage you to check out more of his work and keep him in your thoughts while we all send him loads of healing energy.

Our first iteration of our GALAXYcast – Arrezzo DJ comes through with some minimal and tech beats to get you through your bender with ‘After the Afters’. Check out GALAXYcast 001 now!



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