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Ilario Alicante absolutely crushes it Music ON Festival with hits from

  • Ben Kim – Blah Blah
  • Close To Custom, Waff – Like Thiszz (Waff Remix)
  • Italobros – Shopper
  • Paul C, Paolo Martini – Diamond Dogs

GALAXYcast 000 - Arrezzo - Subliminal Mix 2023

Paying homage to the sound and life of Erick Morillo, we dive deep into a number of records we think Erick would play today if he was still with us.



Traumer | Hide&Seek Festival 2022 | PoweredbyREC.

The Hide&Seek Festival in Manchester has quickly become a staple event for house and electronic music enthusiasts in the UK. The beautiful and historic Capesthorne Hall, with its picturesque gardens and stunning architecture, provides an enchanting atmosphere for the festival-goers who come to dance and enjoy the music. In 2022, the event was headlined by none other than the Parisian-born maestro, Traumer, who exceeded all expectations with his captivating performance.

Track IDs: Traumer @ Hide & Seek Festival 2022
Genre: Tech House
Vibe: Gettraum

Leon (Italy) - Music ON Exclusive Mix - November 2016

Welp! Here’s a new curveball. We just came up with the insane idea of featuring DJ Sets in our house music blogs. Yup! Check out this absolute banger by Leon from November 2016 back when Music ON put out official mixes on Soundcloud. You can now find a lot of there live festival sets on YouTube. That being said, this one is an absolute experience from Leon including many choice records. In need of a track list? Don’t fret – we couldn’t find it on 1001tracklists but there was indeed 1 pirate who posted the track ID’s… Link below ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember, the goal and mission at hipeGALAXY music is to be your #1 source for house music. Want more DJ Sets? Of course you do. Go check em’ out at our DJ Sets section of our music blog.

Track IDs: Leon Music ON Mix
Genre: Tech House
Vibe: Music ON


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