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Emerging as a fresh and exciting talent in the house music scene, Sosa, also known as Jay Bradford, hails from Liverpool and has been making significant waves as a DJ and producer. Despite being relatively new to the production game, his dedication to music and a continuous stream of releases, along with a busy touring schedule, have rapidly earned him international recognition.


SOSA recently showcased his DJ skills with an electrifying set at the Ministry Sessions in London, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry. His journey began as a passionate raver amidst the UK crowds, but he soon found himself drawn to music production. Crafting his unique sound, Sosa blends uplifting and upbeat drum patterns with groovy and bouncing basslines, creating tracks that captivate listeners and fill dancefloors.

With his distinct style gaining traction, Sosa’s tunes started resonating in clubs across the UK and even made their mark in the party hotspot of Ibiza. As his reputation grew, he had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists like Green Velvet, Solardo, Camelphat, Chris Lake, Fisher, and more, propelling his career onto the global stage. Notably, his track “DFCW,” released in 2019, played a significant role in boosting his success. Since then, Sosa has produced several iconic belters, including the infectious tracks “Your Love,” “Bugbeat,” and the personal favorite, “It’s Time To Move.”

Venturing into the world of record labels, Sosa launched his very own imprint, COCO, alongside his thriving career as a DJ and producer. The label’s vision is to promote and release music from underground house artists worldwide, providing a platform for upcoming talents to showcase their creativity. COCO’s roster features an array of unique fire house bangers, all carefully curated and supported by Sosa himself.

With an impressive list of tracks released under various esteemed record labels like Sola Records, Repopulate Mars, and Blackbook Records, it’s evident that Sosa’s influence in the house music realm continues to grow. His dedication to his craft and passion for the genre are evident in every beat he produces, and fans eagerly anticipate each new release.

Sosa’s journey from an enthusiastic raver to a prolific house DJ and producer serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists. As he continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, we can only expect more innovative and exhilarating music from this rising star. Keep an eye on Sosa and his label, COCO, as they continue to shape the future of house music with their fresh and energetic contributions.


Connect with Sosa: Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter |  Spotify |  SoundCloud

Connect with COCO: Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter | SoundCloud

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