Illario Alicante

DJ Illario Alicante is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized figure in the world of electronic music. Known for his exceptional talent and infectious energy, Illario Alicante has established himself as a prominent DJ, producer, and label owner.

Hailing from a vibrant city with a rich musical heritage, Illario Alicante was born with an innate passion for rhythm and melody. Growing up in Naples, Italy, he immersed himself in the local club scene and quickly developed a deep appreciation for electronic music. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin, Alicante embarked on a journey to share his unique musical vision with the world.


With his undeniable talent behind the decks, Illario Alicante has graced some of the most renowned stages and festivals across the globe. His performances are characterized by seamless transitions, impeccable track selection, and a contagious enthusiasm that ignites dance floors wherever he goes. From intimate underground venues to massive open-air festivals, Alicante’s dynamic and versatile style captivates audiences, creating an electrifying atmosphere that lingers in the hearts of fans long after the music fades.

Beyond his prowess as a DJ, Illario Alicante has also made significant contributions to the electronic music scene as a producer. His original productions and remixes have found their way onto top-tier labels, earning him accolades from industry peers and fans alike. With a penchant for blending deep, hypnotic grooves with intricate melodies and futuristic soundscapes, Alicante’s studio work showcases his artistry and demonstrates his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

In addition to his DJ and production career, Illario Alicante is the founder and curator of his own record label, further solidifying his dedication to the growth and evolution of the music he loves. Through his label, he provides a platform for emerging artists and delivers a steady stream of cutting-edge releases that continue to shape the sound of modern electronic music.

With a remarkable ability to connect with his audience on a profound level, Illario Alicante has become a respected figurehead in the electronic music community. His passion, skill, and unwavering commitment to his craft have cemented his status as a true icon, inspiring both aspiring artists and seasoned professionals alike. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, DJ Illario Alicante’s influence on the electronic music landscape remains undeniable.

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