Iglesias is a London-based DJ and producer who has quickly risen to prominence in the Tech House scene. He was born and raised in the UK and has been involved in music for many years.

Iglesias started DJing in his late teens and quickly developed a passion for electronic music. He began producing his own tracks shortly after and honed his skills over the years. His music is heavily influenced by Italian rolling grooves and classic disco elements, which gives his tracks a unique sound.


It’s impressive to see how quickly Iglesias has risen in the ranks of the Tech House scene. His unique blend of Italian rolling grooves and classic disco elements seems to have resonated with audiences and industry professionals alike. It’s no surprise that he has landed major EPs on well-known labels like Repopulate Mars, Kaluki Musik, and Solid Grooves.

The fact that Iglesias has four tracks in Under No Illusion’s Top Ten selling tracks of all time is a testament to his talent and popularity. It’s also exciting to hear that he has a significant back catalogue of music waiting to be released.

Iglesias’ success as a DJ is also noteworthy. His ability to create a fully immersive experience for his audience while showcasing his unique musical style is a skill that many DJs strive for. It’s great to see that he has established himself as a resident DJ at Sankeys Ibiza and is now playing at events around the world.

Finally, it’s impressive to see Iglesias’ success on Beatport, with every release entering the top 100 and a highest climber at number 12. The support and praise he has received from industry giants like Marco Carola, Lee Foss, and BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard only further solidify his position as a future heavyweight in the Tech House scene.

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