Anyma (Ofc)

Matteo Milleri, one half of the legendary melodic techno duo Tale of Us, has launched a solo project called Anyma. The project began as a self-generated consciousness that codes itself from data clouds, according to Milleri. Through cutting-edge technology, music production, and design, Anyma blends computer-generated environments with real-life, blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds. This groundbreaking concept will culminate with the release of Anyma’s debut album, GENESYS, later in the year. Milleri describes Anyma as a creative self-expression that explores the next phase in the realm of consciousness through the blending of music, art, and immersive realities. The project represents a singular enlightening field of experience that merges both physical and digital creations.

anyma ofc | hipegalaxy djs

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