I was pretty excited to see the final part in the X-men: Wolverine series in what has probably been one of the best casting jobs of all time.  Hugh Jackman has reprised the roll of James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine for over 10 years and has appeared in almost just as many motion pictures during that time.  Although I feel the X-Men series as a whole has been an extremely up and down experience, I was confident and almost assuming that the grand finale of Jackman playing our beloved controversial, ‘my way or the highway’ hero would be the finest of the Wolverine spin-offs, if not the entire X-Men series.  When I heard Marvel / Warner Brothers were going the Deadpool route and giving this movie an R rating, I was nothing less than stoked.

Unfortunately, Wolverine yet again fell short with what was a highly depressing, mildly entertaining story line that did little to build on anything it had going for itself.  Let’s talk about the positives first.

Boyd Holbrook as the bionic handed villain “Pierce”.

The casting of Boyd Holbrook as Pierce as phenomenal.  Holbrook did a great job playing the ruthless bad ass and there simply should have been more of him in the film, which really takes us into the different plot issues that dented the films overall enjoyability.

Another bright spot was the casting of Dafne Keen as Laura, Wolverine’s daughter.  This girl was absolutely vicious and it was her mostly, not wolverine that took the coveted R rating to its limits.

Dafne Keen was chosen to play Wolverine’s daughter in Logan at age 12.

So one might wonder as to how you can have such disappointing results with such good casting jobs along side Jackman in addition to Patrick Stewart returning to reprise his roll as Professor X.  Well leave that to Hollywood folks.  It’s almost as if the studio had its R rating and perfect actors and said “fuck it” when it came to coming up with a more innovating and less depressing story line.  I get it, Wolverine is a dark character and this is covering him at an old age, but cut me some slack – we can make a dark, yet emotionally intriguing superhero film with some humor and wit without having one cringe for the character through out the film.  (Spoilers Below)…

Professor X gets killed off yet again, but this time by an experiment that looks just like Logan.  So Charles Xavier pretty much goes out in this one thinking that Logan lost his shit, turned on him and did him in.  Prior to this scene, the crew gets talked into staying the night at an innocent family’s house all while knowing that Pierce is after them and has successfully been able to track them in the past.  Needless to say the entire family gets slaughtered.  Now I’m down for the darkness and surprising plot twists and I was happy to see Mr. Soul Glo himself from Coming to America land a roll as patriarch of this cordial family, but this was just mindless killing with no silver lining to make up for it further down the line.

Dafne Keen is a savage.
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the-definitive-guide-to-marketing-your-business-on-instagramThis is what they came up with for the final rendition in the Hugh Jackman / Wolverine series? You can be forgiving and say that somethings were well done, that the film was dark and rid of Hollywoood BS, but there simply coulda been way more done here - especially with the epic fail of "The Wolverine" - the one where he's in Japan. I respect the fact that they took a stab at an aging Logan and tried to show a different side as well as took advantage of the R-rating, but c'mon guys this is Wolverine!!! Coulda done more here, it's watchable so I give it a C-.


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