Lucy - Scarlet Johannsen

Lucy is a Luc Besson film – same guy who directed 5th Element. Luc is an absolute genius but he doesn’t take the time out to create a fictitious language for each and every one of his films. That being said, although Lucy is quite entertaining upon first watch, there are a few critical yet minor tweaks I would make that would drastically alter Lucy’s Journey and the timeline of the film.  About midway through something in her process takes a bad turn forcing the story line to plateau and leaves you the viewer, quite disappointed for what might have, could have and really should have been. Anyhow, in this scene, Scarlett Johanssen forces herself onto the operating table in the ER while tripping balls, gets on the phone with her mother, kinda sorta is dying and isn’t quite sure whether or not her character is going to make it past this phone call.  This is all absolutely astonishing and brilliantly done. It also super accurately portrays a comedown after an amazing drug binge where all you want to do is get emotional and talk to your family and friends and tell them how much you really really love them.

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction - Lockdown

The Transformers franchise is not exactly on the critically acclaimed list and overall I’d have to say that what they’ve done with the franchise is more of a travesty than a success.  A lot of this has to do with expectations and to be honest the first 2 were not too bad – the third we coulda done without and that sour taste in my mouth made me very critical going into the 4th.  With still no Ultra Magnus or Hot Rod, or Soundwave or Devastator anywhere in sight I had almost had enough.  Couple that with the way they went about the creation of Galvatron (Comparing the Unicron version to Age of Extinction is laughable) and I had probably lost all subjectivity to rating the film.  But surprisingly, in retrospect there were more than a few silver linings in Age of Extinction.  To your right are the top 5 scenes of the films badass super-villain, Lockdown.  Skip to our pick by clicking here to witness the scene we are highlighting in our column but also feel free to enjoy the entire reel and maybe give Transformers another chance.  This is what we dreamed about as kids and I’m not giving up on it.  The Last Knight gets released this weekend.


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The 5th Element - Final Scene

The final scene in The 5th Element isn’t the most visually stunning that the film has to offer (although I did think the way the stones lit up was pretty cool) but it is the final scene of one of the most epic movies ever made.  If you haven’t seen this Hall of Fame Sci-Fi giant for some strange reason, I suggest not watching the video to your right and ordering a bucket of popcorn this weekend. Mangulords are in your future.

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V For Vendetta - Evey Reborn

If V for Vendetta didn’t keep you up for hours in the night after watching it we are not cut from the same cloth.  There was a point where I was watching this movie 2 or 3 times a week.  There are a bunch of absolutely incredible scenes this film has to choose from. Everything from the final fight scene, to the firework show that is the explosion of Parliment, to Natalie Portman dressing up as a school girl in an attempt to murder a high priest.  But none really are able to touch what I am about to show you.  This scene hit me in a number of different ways.  James McTeigue (director) compares V’s liberating moment, which consisted of an fiery explosion at a death camp to Evey’s, which was a much more innocent and much more peaceful one taking place in the rain.  Both went through absolute hell as Evey must have been imprisoned for weeks upon weeks if not months. Evey faced her near death experience head-on and was ready to trade her own life in order to not help the opposition that has stolen everything from her.  In the end, she has a beautiful moment of self-realization claiming simply, “God is in the rain”.  Your life doesn’t really start until you’ve stared death in the face at least once.

Mission Impossible 3: Bridge Attack Scene

Mission Impossible 3 is by far my favorite of the series.  And it’s no surprise since Philip Seymour Hoffman (Rest in Paradise) was cast as the badass super-villain Owen Davian and makes a primary impact on the film.  As in our other selections, there are numerous scenes to choose from but this one right here really makes you gulp the hardest (gulp followed with a huge face palm). Pretty much Ethan Hawk and his team had just failed in their rescue attempt of Agent Farris (Keri Russell), which was mind blowing just as much as it was shocking.   That scene could have and should probably be up here. The reason I chose to feature the Bridge Attack scene is because team IMF is eventually able to catch Davian, who then cockily prognosticates his release while still captured.  He tells Ethan, TO HIS FACE MIND YOU, that after he escapes he is going to not only kidnap his wife, but he is then going to kill him in front of her (or is it her in front of him).  This seems like a highly tall tale at the time since he’s tied up on a cargo plane, surrounded by 6 IMF.  Well needless to say – Davian gets away in most stunning and fucking badass fashion, which only leaves you saying something along the lines of proclaiming shit to be holy and wondering wtf is Tom Cruise going to do next to save his Boo (Michelle Monaghan) who you know Davian is already after.  It’s a fucking shitstorm of a scene and I hope you enjoy it.

Inglorious Bastards: The Bar Scene

Inglorious Bastards is one of my favorite movies of all time.  My favorite scene from this Tarantino masterpiece is the Bar scene.  In this scene, the bastards are set to meet with German actress / double agent Bridget von Hammersmark in a small French tavern.  It was meant to be a simple rendezvous and it was most definitely not supposed to take place in a fucking basement.  The bastards expected for it to be empty but to their dismay, it is filled with German soldiers.  Things start to take a turn for the worse when Lieutenant Hicox (brilliantly played by Michael Fassbender) lambastes the German recruit and while speaking in German, is quickly tipped off by his muddled British accent .  It is at that point that Major Hellstrom, a high ranking German officer of the Nazi party walks over and begins interrogating the team.  The tension is so thick you can’t even cut it with a goddamn knife, you’ll need a machette for this one.  Moving forward, you can tell that Hellstrom is onto their illegitimacy, but when Hicox orders 3 shots of Scotch signaling the “British 3” with his fingers as opposed to the “German 3” Major Hellstrom, had seen enough and all hell breaks looks as one of the best scenes in film history incurs.  (The climax scene is to the right but watch the Pub scene in it’s entirety on THESSALONIAN31N’s YouTube page here.  Also Check out @Death_Star_’s Fan theory on Reddit of exactly what he thought went down by clicking here).

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American History X: Mouth On The Curb Scene

Oh Boy

Troy: Hector Vs Achilles

There were 3 good fight scenes in the movie Troy but Hector vs Achilles by far takes the cake for the most gut-wrenching of them all.  Earlier in the film, Hector’s brother Paris lost a fight to Menelaus in the Battle for Helen which pretty much incited a world war in those day’s standards.  What carries this scene over the edge to greatness are the circumstances.  You basically have Paris, who had his chance to end all of this before it started by defeating Menelaus but that didn’t go so well for him.  Now grant it, Agamemnon didn’t come all that way to defend his brother’s honor and probably would have went to war anyway, but it makes the optics that much worse for Paris.  So after his brother Hector saves his ass he is then forced into a 1-on-1 battle with Achilles – the greatest warrior of all time.  Knowing that death is pretty much certain despite his great skill, he asks Achilles for a proper burial ceremony for whoever is the victim. Achilles, pissed at the death of his younger cousin, tell’s Hector to pretty much go fuck himself and that he is going to tie his dead corpse to the chariot he rides off in.  The kingdom of Troy watches on, hot wives in full effect and the outcome well you have to watch to know the outcome.

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Paris vs Menelaus | Achilles vs Boagrius

Game of Thrones: Death of King Joffrey

Long may he reig….n… King Joffrey is dead. In one of the greatest surprises in cinametic television history, King Joffrey Baratheon (played by Jack Gleeson) reems terror upon his kingdom since his installation as King of the Seven Kingdoms. His ruthlessness is nearly outdone by his addiction to belittlement and one can only wonder how long he is going to terrorize the people of King’s Landing and beyond. In one of the greatest scenes ever shot, and I’m referring to the entire wedding at that, King Joffrey is poisoned by an unknown usurper falls, choking to death and dies in his unbecoming mother’s arms. With blood dripping out of his shot eyes, ears and even mouth, the dramatic effect is unparalleled as the viewers lay on their couch with their jaws dropped down to the floor. Game of Thrones brought new meaning to the term “No One is Safe” and this was just another scene that proved that indeed no one is, at absolutely any moment of time.

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Breaking Bad: Walter saves Jesse with Car


Higher Learning: Malik Vs Remi

We’re working on getting you the extended scene which shows Malik Williams (Omar Epps) going over to kick Remi’s (Michael Rapaport) ass after the shooting.

Any Given Sunday: Julian Washington gets out of bounds

Unfortunately I cannot find the scene of the play  where Julian gets out of bounds.  That’s the scene we are talking about but here’s the final scoring play to your right.

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Transformers The Movie: Optimus Prime Death Scene

Yea I know what you’re thinking.. Transformers again?  Let alone the cartoon version, get real son.   Think again…  If the new franchise had half of the story line and maturity of the animated version you’d be singing a different tune entirely.  In this scene, Optimus has finished off battle with Megatron but not without consequence.  This is a bone chilling scene for anyone let alone the 7 and 8 year old’s that were watching at the time.  You’re sittin there thinking there’s no way he can die, there’s no way they’re gonna kill him off.  But then you’re thinkin wait a second Optimus looks pretty bad and this is “Transformers:  The Movie”, not your weekly cartoon.  And then your deepest fears come to fruition.  Optimus grey’s out drops the matrix of leadership to the ground.  The soundtrack and script are on point.  It’s hair raising to say the least.

Cruel Intentions: Sebastian Death Scene


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The Dark Knight: The Joker Escapes Prison

“How many of your friends have I killed?”.  Wow – what a fuckin bomb to drop to start the scene lol!

Pulp Fiction: Get The Shot! (Mia Wallace OD Scene)


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Fight Club: Acid Burn Scene

What you’re feeling is premature enlightenment!  It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.


Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman

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Kill Bill

Hmmm Which Scene should I choose tho?!

Alpha Dog: Jake Mazursky Fight Scene

Alpha Dog is a classic.  I tried seeing this movie for like litteraly 10 years as i missed it in the theaters and it was always sold out at my local blockbuster.  They had one copy… ONE FUCKING COPY.  I finally caught it on I don’t even know what a few years ago.  In this scene Jake Mazursky – who is played brilliantly by Ben Foster – goes to a party looking for Johnny Truelove who is holding his little brother hostage for a ransom.  Since Johnny isn’t there, Jake decides to send him a message.  LMAO.  HD coming soon.

Also Reference – Jake Mazursky / Johnny Truelove Phone Convo

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The Notebook: Fight Scene

Surprised to see this here huh.  The Notebook.  Don’t like it or deem it a chick flick?  Well guess what, if you got your head out of your ass you’ll realize you get to stare at Rachel McAdams fineness for half the movie not to mention get to see exactly what she’s like in bed during a sultry sex scene.  How’s that for CHICK FLICK?!  In the scene we chose, the unhappy couple are pretty much fighting about the fact that Rachel McAdams has two guys that are in love with her (surprise surprise).  She’s facing a dilemma where she is about to marry her main squeeze, but recently gets reacquainted with her soulmate from childhood in which her parents successfully got in the way of.  Great acting, writing and dialogue in an amazing scene by amazing actors, which brings the entire film to a tipping point.


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