If you’re looking to lose weight a few things are probably true.

  1. It’s not your first time
  2. You’ve tried supplements before
  3. You’ve either failed, or succeeded only to fail by gaining the weight back

Boca Raton’s new weight loss clinic named “Health Factor Weight Loss” supplies its clients with a natural weight loss method they can depend on.  Their approach to weight loss is really quite interesting.


The Health Factor Weight Loss Approach

Health Factor Weight Loss has identified certain foods and literally placed them in the addiction category.  Foods such as breads and chips that are filled with complex carbs and starches create an addiction within your brain and make you hungrier and more constantly.  A big reason for this is simply due to the fact that there is not much, if any nutritional value in these products.  Bread is basically a “filler” for humans and the fried and processed chips we eat are not any better.  In fact, the hand to mouth style of eating and chips simply does not fill us up.

Approach to Food

Health Factor Weight Loss wants you to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.  The weight loss program is designed to be more of a lifestyle change.  Hoping to educate the client properly will help them more sound eating decisions.  The goal of the program is to jumpstart the metabolism and raise your resting metabolic rate.  Your Resting Metobolic Rate, or RMR is the amount of calories you are burning while resting.

Relying on healthy fats and protein from animals such as fish, chicken and lean beef, there are tweaks that can be made to accommodate vegans and/or vegetarians.  What the diet does emphasize is a higher intake of cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens.  Some examples of cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussell sprouts.  While leafy greens can range from romaine lettuce, to spinach and kale.

Approach to Exercise

Health Factor Weight Loss’ approach does include an exercise program, albeit a light one.  The exercises are designed to get you active enough to burn more calories, but not to the point where they cause starvation.  Most if not all of the exercises can be done at home without equipment.  They include squats, lunges, planks, push ups and a cardio routine.

Boca Raton Weight Loss

Located on 1601 Clint Moore Rd, Health Factor location is ran by wellness coach Paul Mahowald.  Paul posses tons of experience working with clients for weight loss and is one of the partners in the company.  You can learn more about their Boca Raton Weight Loss Clinic by visiting their website.

Coral Springs Weight Loss Clinic

HFWL’s Coral Springs clinic is ran by Shannon Hare.  Shannon is an energetic and positive wellness coach who has experienced a ton of success with her clients.  You can visit the Coral Springs location page on their website to learn more about Shannon and her methods

Wellington Weight Loss Clinic

Shannon also runs Health Factor’s Wellington weight loss clinic.

Danville Weight Loss Clinic

Health Factor has 2 weight loss clinics in Kentucky as well.  One in Richmond and one in Danville.  Both are ran by Kimberly Steele who used to be a HFWL client herself.  After successfully losing 60 lbs, she was encouraged to open up her own locations in the hopes of helping others achieve the same.  Kimberly’s philosophy and energy is what makes her so successful.

If you are interested in a natural solution to losing weight, try Health Factor Weight Loss today!  Franchise opportunities are available as well.

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