If you are looking for a headache specialist in the Miami area you’ve come to the right place. hipeGALAXY does a deep dive on what causes headaches and what might be the best ways to remedy them.






Headaches are caused by a number of reasons. First and foremost the number one cause of headaches is dehydration. The first sign of thirst is actually hunger. That is because the human brain cannot differentiate between being thirsty and being hungry. Unfortunately as humans in the society that we live in we are constantly being bombarded by delicious looking ads wherever we look. These ads can be on our television on a billboard or even on the small screen located on the gas pump while pumping gas. In addition, you can be simply walking down the street and your appetite can be triggered by the wonderful smell of a Domino’s Pizza or burger joint. 

So as we mentioned if you are feeling the first signs of hunger the best thing to do is reach for a glass of water or two period after you down that if you are still hungry then it is most likely that a meal is in store for you. What many people make the mistake of doing is not hydrating properly and then by 5-6 or 7:00 PM they will come down with a splitting headache which is mostly due to dehydration so get your eight glasses of water and per day and that is the first step to avoiding chronic headaches 

miami headache specialistsNUTRITION AND CHRONIC HEADACHES


Nutrition is another reason for why a headache may occur. If you are eating a ton of processed foods such as Doritos Coca Cola and other processed breads and sugars you are doing a detriment to your system in a number of ways. First and foremost Coca Cola and other beverages are full of processed sugar and do not effectively hydrate your system which goes back to our first point of drinking more water. Secondly even if you do drink water and eat these foods the amount of free radicals and processed ingredients will cause your body to get rundown and trigger possible food allergies or intolerances that can result in a headache . It has been recently discovered that although many people point and laugh at gluten allergies that it could very well be gluten that is causing chronic headaches and migraines for certain people . That’s not to say that every migraine is caused by a gluten intolerance but if you do suffer from chronic headaches then an elimination diet might be in store for you. 



Avoiding processed foods is just one part of the nutritional aspect of Avoiding chronic headaches and migraines in addition to dating these processed foods like the plague you will also want to replace your diet with things like green juice ginger shots fruits vegetables and other delicious yummies that add to your health as opposed to take away from it . When speaking with Miami Headache Specialist, Dr. Gabriel Salloum from the Surgical Migraine Clinic in Miami Beach, FL. He stated that a holistic and nutritious diet is really the first step and avoiding any sort of headache problem. Below will go under additional headache treatments 




although we are not a lover of non steroidal  anti inflammatory drugs (Nsaids) taken in the proper dosage and not abused they could be a great habit headache remedy . These work for people who do not have chronic headaches because you do not want to chronically ingest these pills such as Advil another name brand Nsaids. Furthermore things like Tylenol really do fall in the same category although their ingredients are categorized differently . These drugs do not want to be abused as they could affect your gut’s intestinal lining and other areas of your health.


CBD oil is a great alternative too traditional prescription and over the counter medicines presented by big pharma and modern Med. CBD is a non psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that helps with not just headaches but also overall joint pain anxiety and many other ailments. This is because the cannabinoids are actually possess intelligence when it comes to the human body and are able to morph and travel to areas of need very much like stem cells. The intelligence of cannabinoids is fascinating and allows a great understanding of why big pharma has delayed their medicinal use of marijuana as a therapeutic substance. With a progressive medical marijuana movement it is inevitable that products such as CBD and other MMJ ingredients will be used for many other ailments as legislation and even the most conservative states have been favoring marijuana laws. this is occurring both in the decriminalization of marijuana and medicinal uses.


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