Not much probably. How could you? It’s brand fucking new. Well, what we do know are some countries like Tanzania are completely refusing the test…  (See Tanzania Rejects Coronavirus testing kits). “Why in bloody hell would they do a thing like that?”, you say.  Well, there are a few reasons. Click the link on the Tanzania article and also watch the video below for the full answer.

Yes I understand research takes a little bit of work, but stop being lazy, it doesn’t serve you. Oh yea also when you’re done doing some research here, feel free to cross reference the main bullet points like the amount of Coronavirus tests the CDC & FDA approved and what some of the metrics are behind those tests. And if you call bullshit, feel free to email us your results at We’re around 😉


If this video is down please watch it here:



What this video will explain to you are some basic facts about exosomes and viruses. They are in laymen’s terms so they are not too hard to understand.


Well, here is where things get interesting. With the virus at global pandemic levels, I think it’s safe to dismiss the whole “5G causes coronavirus” phenomena. I mean, that was kinda stupid to begin with. I’ve never bought into the 5G scare, but hey, change my mind – what are we here for right? Anyhow, The virus is real and it’s NOT caused by 5G antennas, so the question is to what extent, like how real, contagious and deadly is this thing, right? With what we just watched about how tests are simply testing for RNA and NOT the SARS-COV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 how effective could they be? In addition, the man who invented the MACHINE TESTING FOR COVID-19 (Kary B. Mullis PHD, winner of a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 1993) said himself that this method should not be used when testing for infectious diseases! (Well, I sure wouldn’t mind that bit of info if I was attempting to blow up the numbers now would I). Furthermore!!!! (Oh yes, there’s more), it’s stated that the FDA approved THIRTY THREE (33) different tests in which 10 of them have different cut off points when it comes to the amount of cells that would be replicated when searching for the RNA strand (that’s a little technical so you’ll have to watch the video to understand what I’m saying).

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Ultimately, the test, or tests results in a ton of false positives. Combine that with the aid given to hospitals for Coronavirus positive patients and some of the ‘Contact Tracing’ systems and Pandemic Drones being attempted to be put in place and it spells a recipe for disaster. I for one am beginning to see right through the fog and understand exactly why this is happening. You see, a lot of these Draconian Laws can’t just be put in place, although, eh… gauging the public’s use of intelligence I’d beg to differ that point, but let’s give ourselves a little bit more credit. It always takes some sort of paradigm shifting event for drastic action to be taken. It took the World Trade Center towers being erased in order for us to invade Iraq. The Patriot act was also slipped under our noses during that time and now, it’s taking the overblown, fear inducing reaction to the Coronavirus to pass contact tracing systems and police drones that we are now seeing present in our society.

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“SO WHAT’S THE END GAME???” I am constantly asked when I am red pilling my fellow Americans and being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. And you know what, I have no idea, that’s the exact reason we must remain vigilant. If we knew what was coming, it would be much easier to stop it. You see, our rights can’t be taken away all at once, the people just wouldn’t stand for it, the court of public opinion would be so greatly against what is going on that the media would not have enough power to twist the narrative and push through whatever agenda they are being paid to endorse. “What’s the point of a police state, what’s the point of turning America into a Communist or socialist country?”. I dunno, just ask Cuba, ask China, ask Venezuela. There are definitely those who are reaping the benefits, although it is the few as opposed to the many. So no, I don’t have your answer, life is simply not that easy but hopefully I helped push you closer to understand why there would be a motive or intention.

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