Hmmm, ok. So in the midst of my research that naysayers now has to be properly cited with footnotes like a Harvard thesis, I came across a keynote address Anthony Fauci delivered in 2017. In this address, he started off by saying that the new administration (meaning Trump) “that there is No question that there will be a challenge to the Coming Administration in the arena of infectious diseases both chronic infectious diseases in the sence of already on-going diease and we have certainly a large burden of that. ….but also that there will be a surprise outbreak”. He goes on to say that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will be faced with the challanges that their predecessors were faced with.




Ahhh! That’s very interesting. A bit of a curve ball at the end there as he attempts to relate his prophetic statement to what has happened in history. Doesn’t take an epidemiologist though to see that. (See Below)



As you can see, the media has been trying to fear monger the populous since the beginning of the century. There always seems to be some virus out there that can threaten the very existence of humanity, which is why we all thought this was such a hoax to begin with. That being said, it is not a hoax, and although the virus is thankfully not as deadly as some of it’s counterparts – its true. People are dying from it and it needs to be contained. But to what extent is the question. It seems the Fauci / Gates / CDC / WHO agenda is to create some sort of world-wide vaccine that has to be approved by other country’s aside from the United States. In addition, wacko nut job Bill Gates has stated in recent interviews that these vaccinations should be signified by certficates within your passport. I mean this is some next level facism shit. How about we stress a healthier and more active society so that people’s immune systems don’t fail at the first sign of trouble. Instead, let’s inject people with god knows what and see god knows who happens to them. Who are these test subjects anyway? Humans we automatically deem of lesser value? I can’t even get into that right now.

The point is, Fauci gets up on stage and says, in a nutshell, there is no question, beyond a a shadow of a doubt that there will be a surprise outbreak that this administration will be facing. First off, aren’t all outbreaks surprise outbreaks? What did he really mean by that. If you smell what I’m cooking he meant that he probably knew it was coming, because this thing is as fixed as Pete Rose baseball game in the 1970’s.

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