Watch Dr. Eric Nepute’s emphatic call to action to the medical community about COVID-19

Dr. Eric Nepute is a chiropractor with a holistic medicine practice in St. Louis Missouri. He is urging others, doctors included to step up and be fellow whistle blowers in an effort to curb government induced Coronavirus fears. We do have to add, that at this point, the CDC, the WHO, the NIADA – basically the associations Anthony Fauci is associated with – are attempting to act more like a one world government right now. Quick reminder. They are NOT.

In the 10 minute video above, Dr. Nepute covers fake news that is being put out about infant deaths in both Louisiana and Connecticut. In fact, the family of the infant in Connecticut refuted the report that their baby’s tragic death was due to the Coronavirus.


Dr. Nepute goes to to report that the powers that be come after doctors who speak out or veer away from the typical medical model, which consists mainly of prescribing drugs approved by the FDA. He continues to urge people to question major headlines and attempt to see who is behind that headline. Keep in mind that in 1983 our media consisted of about 50 major sources. In today’s day and age it is down to 6 major companies that control our news 4 or 5 of which are probably in cahoots.

Why aren’t journalists reporting from emergency room’s and ICU’s? Yes, we know the Coronavirus is real, there is no question in that, but why are Coronavirus deaths rising while the flu, pneumonia and even deaths due to heart disease are plummeting? This is because many deaths are being labeled or “toe-tagged” as COVID-19 induced.


The public needs to wake up and start realizing that Cheetos and Sprite are simply not part of our daily or weekly diets anymore. Perhaps we can reserve what I categorize as “fake food” to birthday parties and barbecues. I bet you once people remove these foods from their diets for say, 30, 60 or 90 days they will not feel the same way about them when trying them again. In addition, boosting your immune system and striving to be HEALTHY should be the standard in our society. It’s not about the way you look or even how you think you feel (most people don’t know they are in a heightened state of inflammation). It’s about being healthy from the inside out and doing this collective for ourselves in order to reach our full potential and for each other.

Moving forward, did you know it is an absolute FACT that in the United States it is illegal to claim that you have *CURED* a disease? Work with medical professionals on any level and you will quickly learn this. In fact, it is law that if you claim to have cured a disease you can be JAILED. For example, if you visit a holistic center to treat cancer and they supply you with a prescribed diet, iv therapy (vitamins, nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants), chiropractic, physical training and the cancer subsides, the center cannot claim they cured the disease. Instead the FDA suggests that the only claim they can make is that the disease magically disappeared on its own.

Lastly, Dr. Nepute points out that some great protocols to help battle or prevent COVID-19 are Zinc, Schweppes Tonic Water (Quinide), high dose Vitamin C, Vitamin D. These all help BOOST your immune system. Please consult a physician usually a DO or naturopath before starting any type of protocol. While I feel that herbs and supplements can be more effective than the “band-aid” approach modern medicine seems to prescribe, please be aware that natural herbs can be VERY POWERFUL and detox effects can be very tricky to navigate so do not under any circumstances just start ordering things like Oregano oil off of Amazon. You can litteraly completely wipe out your entire micro-biome.

We love Dr. Nepute’s emphatic approach to spreading the word on not just what is going on with Coronavirus death tolls but his overall awareness and call to action on what’s taking place in America’s medical community.


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