What It's Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You | awaken with JP

AWAKENwithJP: What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You

JP Sears is a YouTuber, comedian, emotional healing coach, author, speaker, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. Homepage: https://awakenwithjp.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUizOU8pPWXdXNniXypQEQ
avengers fight coronavirus

The Avengers Fight The CoronaVirus / COVID-19

Calling all cars, I need everything, the Army, the Navy, the National Guard, we got a situation. Have no fear, the Avengers are here! Check it out as all the...
denise richards


Got into a discussion with a friend and creator of our site HipeGalaxy, Erez Ahituv aka Rez Nation about the hottest bitches of the 1990s, excluding Supermodels. I put...
jamarion styles boca raton

Youngster Jamarion Styles inspires as his buzzer beater defies all odds. (video)

It's one thing to hit a game-winning shot when you're 13 years old.  It's another to do it when you are armless, limbless.  Yes you read that right, 13...

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DEADZONE 2003 Episode Predicts Coronavirus and It’s Treatment

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Has Dr. Mike DeBunked Dr. Judy Mikovits’ Plandemic Movie

Hi guys, we've had some technical difficulties with our site over the past 48 hours (GoDaddy pretty much fucked us - please never use...
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Dave Portnoy Coronavirus: From “Flatten The Curve” To “Find A Cure ?!?!

President And CEO of barstool sports Dave Portnoy questions the sudden pivot from flatten the curve to find a cure of the coronavirus Quarantine...