song of the moment - hipeGALAXY - #SOTM

hipeGALAXY – Song of the Moment

01/02/2019 - 4:23 PM EST Happy New Year!!!  Was pluggin' away at work when this song came on.  Night Drive by Rob Simonson was featured in the Nerve Soundtrack.  A...
post malone sunflower

The Post Malone Sunflower (Into The Spider-verse) is Super Dope.

The animation on this video is superdope.  The track is pretty cool too.  Not really part of our #SOTM, we are featuring the animation in the video as part...
house music and edm blog

house.MUSIC & EDM music.BLOG

Ferreck Dawn and Robosonic supply us with house music bliss with "In My Arms" on Defected Records.  There's something about the production of this track that separates it from...

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Hi guys, so here's a quick crash course on modern history. As with a lot of my articles you will find that its difficult...

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colorado medical solutions review

Colorado Medical Solutions Review

COLORADO MEDICAL SOLUTIONS   With 2 locations in both Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado Medical Solutions is an Anti-aging clinic that specializes in Bio Identical Hormone...
deadzone predicts coronavirus covid19 in 2003

DEADZONE 2003 Episode Predicts Coronavirus and It’s Treatment

Did this 2003 Episode of Deadzone which aired on the USA Network predict not just the Novel Coronavirus but also it's controversial and supposed...
dr mike debunks plandemic movie

Has Dr. Mike DeBunked Dr. Judy Mikovits’ Plandemic Movie

Hi guys, we've had some technical difficulties with our site over the past 48 hours (GoDaddy pretty much fucked us - please never use...