sosa UK | Jay Bradford | Coco Records UK
mochakk dj | brasil
ben sterling

Ben Sterling (UK)

BBen Sterling, a UK-based DJ and producer, has rapidly become a prominent figure in the global house music scene. He is now recognized as one of the most sought-after...
jeff sorkowitz brooklyn dj

Jeff Sorkowitz

Jeff Sorkowitz, a native of Brooklyn, is ready to set dancefloors ablaze worldwide with his latest EP, 'Hey Lucy,' launched on his renowned label Short Circuit. Renowned for his...
illario alicante

Illario Alicante

DJ Illario Alicante is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized figure in the world of electronic music. Known for his exceptional talent and infectious energy, Illario Alicante has established...
vampire sex djs miami

Vampire Sex (Miami)

Vampire Sex is an electrifying DJ duo hailing from Miami, consisting of two talented DJs of Colombian descent. Their meteoric rise in the music industry is a testament to...
iglesias dj


Iglesias is a London-based DJ and producer who has quickly risen to prominence in the Tech House scene. He was born and raised in the UK and has been...
aaron martin (spain)

Aaron Martin (Spain)

Aaron Martin is a young and talented DJ/producer with an impressive start in music. Emerging from Málaga, Spain on October 31, 1999 at the mere age of 10-years old....
artist spotlight

Artist Spotlight | Eye on: Parker Chrisbens Totally Crushes Lauryn Hill Version of...

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT:  PARKER CHRISBENS So I was sitting home one night, relaxing after a long day of work when I came across my friend David Zieglman's Instagram story.  He was...

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galaxyCAST | hipePOD 001 | Vampire Sex

galaxyCAST 001 has landed! hipeGALAXY welcomes @vampiresexworldwide to @brickpodstudios taking a comprehensive dive into their chart topping record ‘Disco Party Baby’ on @houseofhuemans humans label. Check out the entire ‘Love At...
boogeyman records


Boogeyman represents the fresh addition to The Martinez Brothers' renowned Cuttin' Headz, emerging as an exciting sub label. Jesse Calosso, the mastermind behind the project,...