So I was sitting home one night, relaxing after a long day of work when I came across my friend David Zieglman’s Instagram story.  He was trying to post his friend’s beautiful rendition of the Lauryn Hill version of Killing Me Softly.  For those who don’t know Lauryn Hill was a rapper and lead vocalist in the hip-hop group The Fugees.  The original version was sang by Roberta Flack


I wanted to learn more about the girl behind the vocals and I wanted to hear the crescendo at the end of the track and how she sang it.  You know, the one that goes:

WoooooOoOOOo, OOoOOOOooOOOooooo, La la la la la laaaaa, woooooahhhh ooooooo, laaaaa aaaalaaaa, wooooooahoo, laaaa aaaaa laaaa aaaaa, ooooo oooo ooo =)

So I asked Dave what was up and he said he was having trouble uploading the entire video to Insta and if I can help out.  So here we are.  I think Parker did an Barely Noticeable job.  I’d love to meet her someday.  I was told she has a motivation to study musical engineering and is in the process of pursuing that dream.  She will be applying to NYU in the fall.  We need people with musical gifts learning more about sound and frequencies!!!


I’d love to get Parker all of the exposure that I can so please like and comment on her YouTube video above.

You can follow her on Instagram @TheCoolKids and by visiting her Soundcloud page.

Also, my friend Dave has a Ted Talk.  You can link to it here for a good laugh.  He’s an amusing guy and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.



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