How I Sourced My First Product On Amazon

How I sourced My first product on Amazon | Dayana Gonzalez FBA

Dayana had always dreamed of starting her own business, and she knew that Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program was the perfect way to do it. She had read countless success stories about people who had made a fortune by sourcing products from China and reselling them on Amazon. Dayana was determined to make her own success story.

She knew that the key to success on Amazon was to find a niche product that was in high demand, but not overly saturated. Dayana spent months researching different niches, looking for something that would be a good fit for her. She narrowed her search down to a few potential niches, but she still wasn’t sure which one to choose.


That’s when Dayana discovered Viral Launch, a software tool that helps Amazon sellers find profitable products. She decided to give it a try and was amazed at how easy it was to use. With Viral Launch, Dayana was able to quickly and easily research different products and niches, and find the perfect one for her business.

After analyzing the data from Viral Launch, Dayana decided to focus on the niche of pet grooming products. She was excited by the potential of this niche and felt that it was a good fit for her. She knew that people loved their pets and were willing to spend money on products that would make their lives easier.

With her niche chosen, Dayana began to search for a specific product to sell. She used Viral Launch to analyze different products in her niche, looking for one that had high demand and low competition. She also looked at the reviews of similar products to get an idea of what customers wanted.

After weeks of research, Dayana finally found the perfect product — a pet grooming tool that was designed to make it easier to trim and groom pets. She was excited about the product, as she knew that it would be in high demand. She also knew that she could provide a competitive price point, as the tool was made of high quality material and was durable which would help her to keep the cost low.

Dayana quickly got to work, reaching out to suppliers in China to find the best price for the product. She was able to negotiate a great price and placed a large order for the product. She also took care to ensure that she had a good relationship with her supplier and was committed to provide good quality products.

As Dayana’s first shipment of pet grooming tools arrived at the Amazon warehouse, she felt a sense of excitement and accomplishment. She had done it — she had sourced her first product for her Amazon FBA business. She knew that it would be a lot of work to get her business off the ground, but she was determined to make it a success.

Within a few weeks, Dayana’s pet grooming tool was listed on Amazon and it started selling quickly. Her product quickly gained popularity among the customers, and Dayana was thrilled to see her sales increasing. She knew that she had made the right choice in choosing this product and was grateful for the help that Viral Launch had provided her in choosing the right niche and product.

As Dayana’s business continued to grow, she knew that she had made the right decision in starting her own Amazon FBA business. She was proud of the products she was selling and the business she had built. Dayana’s story shows that with hard work, determination and the right tools, anyone can be successful on Amazon.


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