How To Manage Your Inventory In Your Amazon FBA Store

restock pro by ecom engine for Amazon FBA

Dayana had been running her Amazon FBA business for several months now, and she was starting to get a handle on things. She had found a niche product that was selling well, and her business was growing. But as her sales increased, so did the complexity of managing her inventory. Dayana knew that she needed to have a good inventory management system in place if she wanted to keep her business running smoothly.

The first thing Dayana did was to create a spreadsheet to track her inventory. She listed all of the products she had in stock, and the number of units she had of each. She also noted the date she had received the product, and when she expected to run out of stock. This gave her a good idea of how much inventory she had on hand and when she needed to reorder.


Next, Dayana set up automatic reordering for her most popular products. She knew that these products were the backbone of her business, and she didn’t want to run out of stock. By setting up automatic reordering, she could ensure that she always had enough of these products on hand to meet customer demand.

Dayana also started to use a tool called RestockPro to help her manage her inventory. RestockPro is a tool that helps Amazon sellers track their inventory, sales and profits. It also helps them to predict when they will run out of stock and when they should reorder more products. Dayana found that RestockPro was a great tool that helped her stay on top of her inventory and made it much easier to manage.

As Dayana’s business grew, she found that she needed to increase her inventory to keep up with demand. However, she also knew that she needed to be careful not to overstock her products. She had heard horror stories of sellers who had overstocked their products and then had trouble selling them. So she decided to use the FBA Inventory Performance Index (FBA IPI) to help her manage her inventory.

The FBA IPI is a metric provided by Amazon that helps sellers to determine the health of their inventory. It takes into account factors such as sales velocity, inventory age, and storage fees to give sellers a score. Dayana used this score to help her determine when she needed to reorder products, and when it was time to remove products from her inventory.

With the help of her inventory management system and tools like RestockPro and the FBA IPI, Dayana was able to keep her inventory under control. She never ran out of stock, and she never had too much inventory on hand. Her customers were always able to find the products they wanted, and Dayana’s business continued to grow. Dayana’s story shows that with the right tools and a good system in place, it is possible to manage inventory effectively and grow a successful business on Amazon.

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