Aright things have gone a little bit TOO FAR! Many of us have already been skeptical about the origins and reasons behind the unleashing of the novel Coronavirus. That being said, we know the virus is real, people are getting sick and people are dying. Whether it warrants an entire global economic shut down is debatable and not the point of this article. Instead, we will focus on what is being slipped passed us as our people run to Facebook 10 times a day to poke fun of president Donald Trump. This is not to say that I’m either for or against Trump, but the amount of time and effort I see people on my news feed putting into taking this man down to their puny facebook audience is appalling. Seriously, I’d respect them more if they actually made a YouTube channel and somehow monetized this bafoonery. But here I a getting off topic giving attention to basement rats. Unfortunately these rats are actually considered some of the more intelligent, credible and successful people, but given the fact I live in Miami, how much clout does that actually give them.


These pandemic drones can measure everything from the distance between you and others to your heart rate or even if you are coughing or sneezing. What you are about to see puts us nothing short of the Sentinals you see in the Matrix. Given the exponential rise of technology in the next 20 years (we probably wouldn’t even need that much), humans need to start questioning our use of technology. Yes technology is amazing, and it makes for a better life, but put it in the wrong hands and you are on a route



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