Ok. Β Someone. Β Please tell me. Β What the fuck is the point of this? Β Are you really lacking that much individuality that you can’t decide to go on a freakin’ bike ride on your own time? You have to disrupt thousands of people? An entire city? Β I kid you not, when I tell you that you people need to get a life. During this fruckus, I interviewed a local couple, a French family, an Uber driver, a fucking registered nurse on call for Jackson hospital and a woman who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me (haaaaaaaaaaaaaa). Β I am editing the footage and will present to you exactly how 99% of us feel about your ASININE critical fuckhole event that should only be held on your own private island called the Republic of Fucking Retarded People.



Below is the video I put together people that were actually stuck in the unforewarned gridlock that was Miami Beach. Β Enjoy this fine bit of journalism because there is more on the way.


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