I stumbled upon this on article a while back on Facebook.  Ride With Larry is a documentary on Larry Smith’s 20 year old battle with Parkinson’s disease.  The footage is astounding and the effects of medical marijuana / CBD oil on his symptoms is are drastic and undeniable.  The first thing it got me immediately thinking about is the pharmaceutical companies that have aggressively and successfully attempted to suppress access to medical marijuana and natural CBD prescriptions in leu of their own products.  Corporate greed and financial gain are not one in the same and it is sad that these mighty, all-powerful companies’ power is all based on a brittle little foundation about as stable as a house of playing cards.


In the documentary, you’ll see footage of a struggling man’s experience with a chronic, debilitating disease in which he’s tried all of big pharma’s conventional method from pills to even brain surgeries.  With the profound effect of medical marijuana, you will see Larry transform from an almost incapacitated parkinson’s patient into a vibrant gentleman having access to full quality of life.  The results are breathtaking, even may be emotional for some who have experienced something similar themselves or with a loved one.  Below are are three clips from the documentary that can be found on Ride With Larry’s YouTube channel or purchased on Amazon or

There’s an infinite and untapped potential in what medical marijuana is teaching us and it is a down right tragedy that there’s people on this beautiful planet of ours attempting to suppress it. It is sickening and it is also one of the crime’s of the century (don’t worry I am making a list).

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