March Against Monsanto, Miami FL - May 20th 2017 - 5.20.2017
March Against Monsanto – Miami FL – Photo: @TheRezNation

My experience at the March Against Monsanto on May 20th was an interesting one.  After a ton of reading, documentaries and research I had gained much frustration about what I had learned.  After spending months if not years on my ass protesting from the comfort of my own home, I decided to attend one of these events, or protests if you will and find out a lot of what went on there for myself.  But just to clear the record there was never any ‘sitting on my ass’ that ever took place.  It was with my new found health that I was able to even begin to approach the idea of doing anything extra with my day.  That actually leads to the whole reason why I am so aware of this situation and why I feel it is so ridiculously important for all of us to know about.

Hell No GMO's
The fight is being fought, but mostly are just watching…

I will get into more detail later but for right now do some research on your own.  I would start with the Vice Documentary below.


To Be Continued…


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