Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) & Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti)

When I first started the first three episodes of the show ‘Billions’ currently re-airing on Showtime On-Demand, I was a bit weary.  Some of the characters’ personalities were so vile and full of human ego I was almost forced to turn it off.  They were an exact representation of what I didn’t want to watch nor glorify.  But I stuck with it, mostly because of my respect for actor Paul Giamatti aka Pig Vomit.  The move paid off.. though the first three episodes were a bit patchy, a bit rough, as I had just mentioned, Billions perseveres through some of the early awkwardness and corniness, and poorly acted, and poorly written scenes.  Damien Lewis who plays Bobby Axelrod strikes some corny ass poses which just left me wondering where the heck are they going with this show.  Yes… weird, awkward, physical poses.  It was a bit odd.  But those stop, abruptly – as they should. And the negatives quickly become a distant memory, kinda like puberty… and thankfully, the show goes on.

Billions roles for 3 seasons and just got renewed for a 4th.  I started this article 5 weeks ago and sorta left it on ice, so lets sit back and think about what made it great.

  1. Paul Giamatti:  Captivating.  Bold.  Powerful.  His on-screen performance carries the show and makes you forget about any faux pas you might have witnessed in the previous scene.  I can only imagine the ecstaticness of the screen writers when they got the word that they scored Paul.  “WE GOT GIAMATTI!!!!”.   (is that a word?  Ecstaticness?  Why, for sure it’s a word.  It is now, in this galaxy of hypeness and hippiness and whatever ‘ness’ you wanna add to it.)

2.  Maggie Siff:  Maggie Siff plays Wendy Rhoades.  Paul Giamatti’s character’s wife.  She’s amazing.  In fact, she’s so amazing I can honestly say I’ve never seen an actress put on more natural looking emotion into her scenes.  “She is absolutely brilliant” (read in english world cup announcer voice) and she should be commended for it.

3.  Damien Lewis:  What started off as an awkward portrayal of what an over-the-hill backstreet boy with more money than he knows what to do with would be like, quickly turns into respect.  RESPECT.  Damien Lewis crushes the Bobby Axelrod role.  Axelrod, the founder and CEO of Axe Capital wins you over in his role as the corporate villain when the time is right.  Lewis throws shades of Al Pacino in some scenes and once you sit back and think about it, it really is quite jaw dropping.  There’s another character he reminds me of at times, but it has slipped my mind!  I’ll have to watch it over again and I’m sure it will quickly come back to me….


Ya, so basically its the cast.  The cast carries the show and make it great.  In supporting roles, Condola Rashad (EYYYYYYYYEEESSSSSSS 😍) and Toby Leonard Moore do a terrific job as Chuck Rhoades’ apprentices.  But I would hand the best supporting role to Asia Kate Dillon who brilliantly plays Taylor Mason.  I’ve really never seen anything like her character.

Ok so what are you waiting for, this show is hipeRATED and there’s three seasons of it.  We gave it 5 mother-effing stars.  Go basque in all of the unwatched glory you currently posses right flipping now.  Have we ever let you down??? No, we haven’t.  Not even once.


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