After Barca’s 4-0 loss in the first game of the Champions League matchup versus Paris St. Germain, they were all but left for dead.  To those unfamiliar, the Champions League playoff is based on 2 games on aggregate scoring.  So it’s really like 1 long ass game with away goals being worth more than goals scored at home (what!?).  Yes, this is another reason that the Champions League does not do well in America, we are not used to that type of competition.  Anyhow, the Barca’s, can I call them that?  These La Liga teams don’t seem to have team names, none that I can find on Google anyway.  So the Barca’s pretty much needed to win by 4 goals, all while the other team knowing they can’t lose by 4 goals.  I pretty impossible feet when it comes to the nature of the game of futbol (soccer in america).  =P

Well instead of giving you a recap of what happened, what I’ll say is this.  Lionel Messi and co. did the impossible and the place was absolute bedlam.  The final pass was made by Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. to some Barca back up who went for the go-ahead goal for a final aggregate score of 6-5.  Check out the commentary-less Fox Sports video below for each goal scored and witness the pandemonium that took place at Camp Nou stadium.


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