A real unfortunate incident occurred during Washington University’s pro day for top prospect Sidney Jones.  During a routine drill, Sidney Jones fell to the ground in a non-contact injury that left the 2017’s top cornerback prospect laying helpless on the turf.  It always stings to see a hard-working athlete go down, but I can’t remember the last time someone suffered such a serious injury during a talent showcase right before the draft.  With advanced biomechanics and training research developing at a rapid pace, you have to wonder if WU’s physical training staff did what they needed to do during Sidney Jones’ tenure at the University.  Another tricky part about these non-contact injuries is identifying when the real damage occurred.  Tendon’s don’t just, “go”.  This is a possible example of pattern overload and improper assessment / maintenance and you simply can’t blame a 20 year old athlete for that.  We wish Sidney a bright future and a speedy recovery.  You can see footage of the injury below thanks to Komo News.


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