What is going on in the Bay area?  Kevin Durant’s injury and the 49-10 record they boasted before his absence aside, something has been missing from Dub Nation’s performance this season.  You need not look further than Steph and Klay’s 34% 3pt shooting percentage on the road for the answer.  It’s been nothing more than an enigma watching them both not just take slightly forced shot attempts but when open, especially Steph, simply are off the mark. This is the kinda of stuff that might go back to not getting the ball when and where you want it and once you do, feeling that you have to make your move or take your shots now as opposed to later.  As the season started, the shooting woes came on slowly.  At first it was Klay who came out of the gates cold.  But even as he picked up the slack and quickly erased our memories with a 64 point performance through three quarters, the season long slump for the splash brothers has slowly taken shape.  At first, the twittersphere beat writers were rejecting comments from worried warriors fans through the first 30 games labeling them as they most often do – miseducated fans who know nothing about basketball, are too quick to panic or are just simply prisoners of the moment.  “It’s December” turned into “It’s January” from our beloved bay area beat writers (the likes of @ThompsonScribe and @TimKawakami).  Well, now it’s March… and KD is out and everyone is expecting the 2 time reigning mvp to return to his true form.

I dont know what this isq
Steph Curry going bonkers in the 2015 NBA Finals


Well guess what… it ain’t happenin.  The Warriors traded away their depth and this team is not built to whether a storm without their newest asset were my initial thoughts.  Not without Bogut or Ezeli plugging the middle and certainly not with Steph shooting 15/74 from 3pt land in his absence.  That being said, they have actually been extremely competitive despite his shooting woes, which goes to show you what they still have.

“Carry On My Son” – Steve Kerr to Steph @ MSG

The ironic part about it is if Steph was shooting like himself, this article would not have even been written, at least not with this narrative, because the Dubs would have been slaying opponents at his previous 45% clip.



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