Michael Jordan guarding himself
Here we have a pic of Michael Jordan guarding himself. I have one of him guarding LeBron but I refrain from putting them in the same stratosphere … 🙂

Ok, well things have gotten to the point that they need to be addressed.  THIS BLASPHEMOUS, SACRILEGIOUS RHETORIC HAS ABSOLUTELY GOT TO STOP AND SHOULD BE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH.  MOVING FORWARD ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO ARGUE THIS POINT SHOULD HAVE THEIR BASKETBALL TALKING LICENSE REVOKED FROM ALL BARBERSHOPS, BASKETBALL STADIUMS, PARKS, COFFEE SHOPS, AT WORK AND EVEN AT THEIR ON HOMES.  Now, although I stand with @MarcJSpearsESPN when asked on Sirus XM NBA Radio about the topic simply stated “Well Michael Jordan never lost in the finals, so I don’t know where the conversation starts.” – let’s go ahead and address some of these fallacies before things get even more out of hand.

  1.  Michael’s game was more refined and completely unparalleled. He had an exponentially more complete offensive game, which is a big reason WHY he went undefeated in 6 NBA Finals appearances.  Michael did more, with less.  LeBron James is easily the most gifted basketball player the NBA has ever seen, athletically.  He was bigger and stronger than MJ, faster and could dunk harder.  MJ outworked LeBron and you can reference free throw percentage, jumpshots, post game and a countless amount of trick-shots that Jordan made consistently (something we haven’t come close to seeing since MJ’s departure).  He also did all of these things on the biggest stage.  In fact, the last BUZZER-BEATING basket we’ve seen in an NBA Finals came 20 years ago by none other than his Airness.
    And we know you’re going to want to watch that replay from the live telecast featuring Marv Albert and Bill Walton.  Don’t worry, we got you.






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