TSteph Curry Vs Lebron James part 3Well, here we are.  1 year removed and we’re back in the same place we’ve started. Except add one Kevin Durant to the mix and you’ve got yourself a Trilogy for the ages.  I’m not going to get into detail about how Lebron James robbed the Warriors of a back-to-back championship last season.  I’m not gonna get into the facts that after Draymond Green got suspended, the Warriors lost Center Andrew Bogut for the series and then had Finals MVP Andre Iguodala throw his back out.  I won’t get into the fact Steph was hobbled and couldn’t even dribble around Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love towards the end of the series (look no further than Coach Nick’s video on BBall Breakdown if you’re going to argue me on that).  And lastly, I won’t get into the fact that a healthy Steph put Lebron in a blender in game 1.  In fact, instead of getting into it.. I’ll just leave the video for you right here.  Let’s just let that simmer.

Moving forward, we have a meeting of two Juggernauts and a team in Golden State that dominated the Cavs in 3 of last year’s first 4 games – has added MVP Superstar Kevin Durant.  The result was what you saw in game 1.  Smothering defense by Warriors defenders by the likes of Klay, Draymond, KD, Steph, Javale and Iggy.  Klay’s presence was stifling and it seems the Warriors have now seen and studied this Cavs team enough to have adjusted to a lot of the little things that they do.

So the Warriors won the first two games last year by margins of 33 and 15, and the Cavs still won – so why does this year feel any different?  I’ll give you a few reasons, one of which was emphasized by LeBron in the post game presser

  1. Kevin Durant:  Has proved to be unstoppable in all Warriors / Cavs match-ups this year.  Why should anything change?
  2. Draymond Green:  He’s somehow an even better defender from last year and there’s one key stat that stands out for these playoffs.  0 technicals, 0 flagrant fouls.  (I guess that’s 2 stats)… 😉
  3. Steph Curry:  He’s himself and also an improved defender
  4. Javale McGee:  Javale played only 5 minutes in game 1 but even in that short amount of time registersed 5 rebounds, 4 points and 1 rim protecting block further silencing Tristan Thompson who has proved to be a huge thorn in Golden State’s side in the first 2 episodes.

I guess I could go on but the site hasn’t fully launched yet and I don’t want to jinx my team. Forza Golden State!  On to game 2 tonight.



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