I first heard about this Comedy Special on Mother’s Day, the day of it’s premier.  Some girl was stating how hilarious it was and how it was ‘for the ladies’.  I decided to try it out anyway even though I’m not a lady and I was pleased to see that Ali Wong’s comedic talents adhere to the humor of both sexes.  There were even men in the audience.  I was shocked.

Yes, some of the jokes are about her being pregnant and some other feminine experiences but that doesn’t mean she isn’t straight up HILARIOUS.  Ali uses this dual voice approach which was not utilized in her previous special (Bad Cobra).  It not only makes her presence extremely originality it also makes her seem a bit nutty, which keeps you engaged through the duration of the performance.

ali Wong at a bar
Ali is a writer for TV sitcoms such as Fresh Off The Boat. She does not own a Netflix subscription.

So through your experience you’ll hear some of Ali’s butthole licking jokes, how her family feels about her butthole licking jokes and how she dealt with her newfound fame.  Ali is pregnant in both specials, which now seems to be her call sign – pregnant Asian lady walking around with baby bump on stage.  I’m not quite sure how Ali and Netflix were able to coordinate such a feat, but they did and it worked and it’s funny as hell.

Well that’s about it for now, what are you waiting for?  Go make a mess with Ali (you’ll get it when you hear it).


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