Hi guys, so here’s a quick crash course on modern history. As with a lot of my articles you will find that its difficult to stay on one topic because as you connect the dots you begin to see patterns and relationships materialize. Today, we are focusing on whats being highlighted in the mainstream media while pointing out what that they fail to bring to the forefront.

So where do we start and how do we connect all of these dots? Let me paint you a little picture. As my good friend Bain once said…

bain let the games begin


  • Clinton Foundation Set up as main charitable donation
  • Haiti is sent billions of dollars in donations, except none of the money donated ever got to helping Haitians or their country.
  • It was embezzled by the Cinton’s. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. BUT couple the accusations withΒ  the sudden death Klaus Eberwein, Miami local entepeuneur (Pembroke Pines), we seem to have another Seth Rich type situation on our hands. Don’t know who Seth Rich is? Well you are way behind and I encourage you to research it just by looking up the hashtag #SethRich on Twitter.
  • Anyhow, this is something you can simply chalk up to the Clinton body count. Klaus, who was a participant in Haitian politics circa 2010 was in a downtown Miami hotel a night before flying to Haiti to testify AGAINST the Clinton foundation. What did he have against them? Nobody knows, but it sure must have been damming for it to cost him his life. Klaus was found dead in his hotel room with a gunshot wound to the head. His murder was ruled “suicide” by local authorities.
  • Ok. So I know you might be saying that I am being a bit assumptive in my conclusions. Let me tell you, Klaus was a great man and a friend of mine. In fact, I still work with his family today . He was expanding the family weight loss business into Aventura and was set to open a Hatian Restaurant in Pembroke Pines. He also left behind his beautiful wife and 17 year old daughter. I met with these people. All of our conversations consisted of building for the future. Trust me when I tell you…. he didn’t kill himself – kinda like our good buddy Epstein. He didn’t kill himself either. (Sarcasm on good buddy of course).



Right now I am in search of videos i found on Instagram that i failed to bookmark. They focused on how the movement away from the tightly focused job training in high school – and toward the richer mix of academic and career-related learning in CTE – began in 1983. It began with the publication of β€œA Nation at Risk.” But anyway, I don’t need the videos, because I got the FACTS.

This greatly affected the black communities and in the 70’s and 80’s crack was inserted to those neighborhoods by whomever probably the Gov’t / CIA… THUS, creating desperation and income disparity within these communities as many black males decided to either sell drugs due to the loss of the ability to earn that CTE (Career & Technical education), OR succumbed to taking drugs due to depression of losing their jobs and not having any access to opportunity. Crack was the perfect weapon bc it was cheap, easily accessible and HIGHLY addictive which created broken homes in black communities. Why were broken homes created? This was due to the incarceration of young black men for either taking or dealing drugs. Then add on top the Clinton / Biden crime bill that was passed while Clinton was office, and Hillary addressing non-violent offenders as “Super Predators” that had “no hope of adding anything to society” (Hillary’s words, LOOK IT UP). and many young black Americans were arrested for non-violent crimes spending YEARS in prison. So who’s side are the Dems really on?

To further hammer home my point, check out this short presentation made by comedian Ryan Davis on some of the political issues behind systemic racism and what black Americans have had to endure, in further detail.

Ryan smoothly points out that the height of the governmental operation to import crack into black communities reached an apex in 1987. So actually a bit more recent than I had anticipated this took place. He points out the Contras and profiting off the war in Nicaragua as points that you can feel free to look into and fact check for yourself.


Oh yes, and I am keeping this presentation mostly facts based served with personal annotations on the side, but here’s some food for thought.

Who is Bill Gates… He developed Microsoft Windows, so he is a some sort of computer programmer, at least that’s what we knew him to be in the 80’s and 90’s. That being said, he didn’t even come up with the idea for Windows, he ripped it off Steven Jobs and Apple. Anyhow, who is Bill Gates’ father? He is William Henry Gates, better known as Bill Gates Sr. What did he do for a living? Oh… well, served on the board ofΒ Planned ParenthoodΒ (PP) during the group’s infancy β€” a re-branded organisation birthed out of the American Eugenics Society.



So fast forward 30 years and Bill Gates Jr. (Ya The Windows guy)

Yes that guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Fast forward 30 years and this guy has all of a sudden SPEARHEADED a global vaccination agenda prior to the release of Covid-19. Now, I get it, Gates is supposedly really smart, he knows about a lot of things and reads a ton of books. But this man has no real FORMAL EDUCATION on medicine or epidemiology and I hear our country is pretty big on diplomas and certifications? So I’m not quite sure why ‘Little Bill’ gets a pass from the general public. Well, I know part of the reason actually, it’s because he makes large donations to news outlets such as NBC and invests in PR campaigns to build a positive image that adheres to the public. (See Late night Talk Show appearances, self funded Netflix documentaries, etc). This is not rocket science or an unheard of,Β  unprecedented strategy. John D. Rockefeller and Warren Buffet invested in similar campaigns during their come up. It’s called PR. There is a whole industry based around it.

Side fact, are you aware of the fact that Bill Gates and Microsoft were charged with violating many US antitrust most of which were upheld by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit in 2001?

United States v. Microsoft Corporation, 253 F.3d 34 (D.C. Cir. 2001),[1]Β was a noted AmericanΒ antitrust lawΒ case in which the U.S. government accusedΒ MicrosoftΒ of illegally maintaining itsΒ monopolyΒ position in the PC market primarily through the legal and technical restrictions it put on the abilities of PC manufacturers (OEMs) and users to uninstallΒ Internet ExplorerΒ and use other programs such asΒ NetscapeΒ andΒ Java. At trial, the district court ruled that Microsoft’s actions constituted unlawful monopolization under Section 2 of theΒ Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, and theΒ U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. CircuitΒ affirmed most of the district court’s judgments.

The pie in the face was received in 1998. I wonder if the events had anything to do with each other? πŸ˜€

But hey, no big deal, nothing like a little white collar crime to get your money up. Fuck everyone else. This sounds like the perfect guy to be spearheading a global medical agenda. But wait, there’s more!


So back to the topic at hand. What is the connection between Bill Gates and his father. Computers, Vaccines and Planned Parenthood Rez, get to the FUCKING POINT!

OK! I Will! its really simple at the end of the day, once YOU connect the dots.


  • So Gates invented windows right – which he basically stole from APPLE, he didn’t even make it up
  • So his DAD, Big Bill was HEAD of planned parenthood
  • What does planned parenthood do? ABORTIONS
  • What goes into vaccines? Viruses, formaldehyde, toxic metals… and? ABORTED DEAD FETAL TISSUE
  • What’s Bill gates all of a sudden pushing post Computer career? VACCINES!

Hmmmm, that’s very interesting! Probably can’t make an “effective” vaccine (or whatever these psycho’s deem effective) without the cells of aborted dead BABIES. Now, I am still pro choice at the end of the day, but my stance on abortion has differed GREAAAAATTTTTLY as I’ve gotten older, wiser and more educated about both my own life and people’s agendas.

I used to be a democrat when i was in my early 20’s. I had trouble paying the bills when I graduated from college, the country quickly went into a recession and when my hours were cut at work, so was my health insurance. I felt the system was unfair. A lot has changed since my dais as a personal trainer and when I started working at a call center sharing the same space with people who lived at a homeless shelter, my political views quickly began to change.

Point is, Dem’s pray off everyone. And this isn’t even a leftist / rightist thing. It’s about Americans looking out for the well-being of their own country. It’s not some EXTREME CASE OF NATIONALISM… it’s COMMON SENSE! Whether it’s the black community, women, (women’s rights “My body, my choice”), or the LBGT community, the Democratic party are is always to position themselves as your friend. They are there to play friendly politician and tell you whatever audience they they are in front of that they care so much about them. DEMS pretend they are more moral than Republicans. You know how the saying goes these days, “Oh well I am morally democratic but fiscally conservative”. Fuck outta here! Democrats have no morals. They are Liberal scum!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They don’t care about you so stop pretending that they do! It’s sickening! I won’t even get into my personal stance on using vaccines to dumb down america and deprogram humans by indoctrinating them into the system / “the matrix” with 50 injections before the age of 2! (Maybe one day, I’ll make a factual post about how America leads the world with the amount of vaccines given at such an early age and also overall, but for now you’ll have to deal with my personal anecdotes).

Malcom X Vs Liberals
Malcolm X warned us about the liberal agenda

Listen, I am not a scientist and I don’t know enough on whether to be FULLY anti-vaxxing but what I do know that systems, just like western medicine can be grossly abused. We are seeing it today with the state of our healthcare system. Anyone who’s ever gotten sick or needs insulin KNOWS.Ultimately, politics becomes almost impossible when there are only 2 parties and politicians have to adhere to their “base” voters in order to have a chance of getting elected.

But yea, “fuck trump” because the media won’t cover anything he has done to stop human trafficking.

Why won’t the media cover it? Hmmm… let’s look behind who controls the media? hmmmmm ok. well i set you on your merry little path have fun with that.

But before you do… let’s cover one more thing.

You’re letting the media twist the narrative because they know most humans cant focus on more than one thing at a time. Yes, protests are good – I hope a lot of awareness and change comes out of them. In some cases I have already seen a huge shift in consciousness, but lets see how things continue to play out –

Yes there are professional rioters out there being funded by whomever that’s a topic for another post to loot and cause more division in america and even give peaceful black protests a bad name further feeding the same fire black america is attempting to fight off.

At the same time these protests and RIOTS are going on… HILLARY CLINTON has been INDICTED and further more, recently LOST AN APPEAL that she won’t have to testify in court. Meaning now she WILL have to testify. This court hearing has to do with emails found on FORMER CONGRESSMAN Anthony Weiner’s laptop that he is now serving jail-time for (he was recently released and is in a halfway house). What was he in JAIL for? soliciting minors and other sexual perversions such as texting underage girls. That’s called PEDOPHILIA !!!

SO why do most seem to act as if the pedophilia just stops with Weiner? I sure don’t! What about the NXIVM human trafficking ring that people are CURRENTLY SERVING JAILTIME for. Are you caught up on that? Doesn’t sound like it! Who does NXIVM involve? Who’s in jail? Well I’ll tell you. It involves a number of people in Hollywood, was led by a man named Keith Raniere, but most notably involved Allison Mack, an actress on the hit TV Show Smallvile highly popular amongst TEENAGE GIRLS.

From Yahoo News – https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/allison-mack-will-serve-a-substantial-amount-of-time-in-prison-for-role-in-nxivm-sex-cult-lawyer-says-193025152.html

For victims and their families affected by the Nxivm sex cult, 2019 was a year of reckoning.

In June, Keith Raniere was found guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering and other felonies related to the self-help group he co-founded and its secret cult after weeks of explosive testimony. Within Nxivm was a “sorority” called “DOS,” short for Dominus Obsequious Sororium, or Master Over Slave Women. Months prior,Β SmallvilleΒ actressΒ Allison MackΒ admitted to being a member and founding the women-branding group. Mack, who prosecutors say was one of Nxivm’s highest-ranking members,Β pleaded guiltyΒ to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering. As part of her guilty plea, Mack admitted to state law extortion and forced labor.

While Raniere is behind bars, Mack is out on bail awaiting sentencing β€” but it’s likely she will spend time in prison.

“Allison Mack is facing a total of 40 years maximum confinement time in the two charges she plead guilty to in federal court,” Silva Megerditchian, criminal defense attorney and CEO ofΒ Los Angeles-based SLM Law, tells Yahoo Entertainment. “At this stage, sentencing has been delayed, likely for both sides to put together a sentencing memorandum for the judge.”

Others involved were the daughters of millionaires that were working with Jeffrey Epstein such as Clair Bronfman, daughter of Edgar Miles Bronfman – owner of The Seagram Company. Don’t know what it is? Doubt it, but if not, LOOK IT UP. She is now IN JAIL. So the daughters of the same men Epstein managed the money of are in JAIL for RECRUITING WOMEN INTO A SEX CULT.

This is not opinion, this is not conspiracy, LOOK IT UP. It’s Fact. On April 19, 2019, Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification. She faces 21 to 27 months in prison and has agreed to forfeit $6 million. Interesting hobby to get into when your daddy owned SEAGRAMS. FOh, like get woke already dude! The rich white girls I know party on boats and seem pretty content with their lavish lifestyles. I guess it doesn’t end there for some.

This leads me to ask, how did epstein get so rich anyway? Well I’ll tell you. He worked at Bear Stearns and somehow became very close with the super rich before opening his own firm. It’s odd bc epstein didn’t come from a affluent family and most of the persons working at Bear Stearns were connected to money.. but that’s a different story…. such as the accumulation of wealth he endured, but again that’s a whole nother rabbit hole.

SO Trump passes an executive order to help cut down on this ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC global crime ring.


but the media doesnt talk about that. AT ALL. And now there are possibilities that there is inciminating evidence involving Hillary Clinton in this human trafficking ring. We dont know bc it has been a sealed case as evidence against hillary that will now come to fruition on September 9th 2020. The emails were deleted but they still have Weiners laptop and I guess we are about to find out what is on that.

IN ADDITION, there are over 150,000 SEALED indictments to take down GLOBAL CHILD / HUMAN TRAFFICKING rings world wide. Do you know what a sealed indictment is? Probably not bc you have done no research. It’s ok, i’ll tell you. It’s a legal strategy made necessary for taking down organized crime such as the mob. If an indictment is unsealed and made public that person is compromised and so goes the entire case because the people plotting and conspiring these crimes ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE INDICTMENT. Yes, so you have to use sealed indictments and then you unseal them ALL AT ONCE. That’s how the law works and that is what we are waiting for and that will be the great awakening… except that this knowledge is out there and it’s already happening. But you watch CNN and Dirk DeSouza’s Facebook posts.

That being said, have you even reserached Pizzagate or Podesta emails or frazzledrip? It doesn’t sound like it bc you just eat what the MSM feeds you which makes you a media puppet.

You’re going to have to do your own research during this little shenanigan…. You know we were all taught a game when were like 5 years old its called CONNECT THE DOTS. We were taught it for a reason. All this isn’t so hard to connect once you put a little bit of time and critical thinking into it.

I am currently trying to track down the contact info I had of a texas lawyer that I spoke to at a lawyers convention in 2010. He spoke to me about the legislation in the 60’s or 70’s that allowed Psychiatrists to prescribe presciption drugs to their clients. He noted the industry was about to collapse and Pharma was having issues of their own so the two got together for a match made in heaven… and that’s when the American people began taking all this medication. This was the come up for medication like Prozac, Adderall, and diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD and OCCD. In addition, he also tied this industry to our nation’s agriculture and how corn was popularized in the 80’s. Using GMO’s like ROUND UP that are now proven to cause CANCER… I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials or even the facebook ads for firms recruiting sufferers of non-hodgkins lymphoma for a class action suit. Funny when I brought up Monsanto being evil 8 years ago to someone they laughed at me and told me to grab my tinfoil hat before I left the house. Who’s laughing now Mr. Funny man. Actually, there’s nothing funny about this. I don’t take any solace in being right. I think it’s disgusting and if you only knew what I imagine our world could truly be you’d probably be in tears right now. Sometimes I wish I can project images into the mind’s eye so people can really see what I see and feel what I feel. Anyhow, corn became highly processed in order to grow it through out the entire year and it’s mass production made it very very VERY cheap. This meant bigger profits for food companies. Remember high fructose corn syrup? Well, its still prevalent in a lot of products but we basically started putting corn syrup in everything. We put it in soft drinks, ketchup, we even put it in bread. Why do you need sugar in bread? Gee i dunno doc, you might have to hit the biochemistry textbook on that one. Short answer is – we don’t. So yes, this lawyer explained all of this to me over a 45-60 minute conversation how Big Pharma influenced “Big FARMA” to modify natural farming methods such as crop rotation and regenerative agriculture for the soul reason of profits.

I definitely want to get back in touch with this guy as this story was truly fascinating.


7.7.2020 –Β CDC coronavirus test kits were likely contaminated, federal review confirms


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