If you are looking for a Testosterone Replacement Doctor in Miami or South Florida, look no further than the Medical Health Institute. With 2 offices in Miami for your convenience, Dr. Rudy Eberwein and Michael Bertonatti have built an incredibly unique practice where as they are patients themselves. In addition, this place treats people like family. I’ve seen it in my visits to their weight loss clinic on my hormone replacement therapy journey.

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The Medical Health Institute is a Testosterone Replacement Clinic specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men & women.

What is LOW T?

Low T happens to everyone, every man. It’s just a matter of when. Testosterone is considered Low when it drops past a certain level in your blood stream. This usually happens between the ages of 40-55 but can happen as early as your early to mid 30’s or even your late 20’s! When a patient gets blood drawn, testosterone and other hormone levels are able to be measured and assessed. With the accuracy in the technology of modern medicine, there is not much to be said once your T levels show up low on your blood work. In fact, you’ll probably be able to sense it in your energy levels and performance levels in the weight room or even the bed room. Once your hormone levels are taken, Dr. Rudy puts you on a strictly monitored program where hormones are administered through an injection.

Symptoms of Low T

What are the symptoms of Low T? How do you know if you should get tested? Routine check ups are a good idea anyway so you should be getting blood work done with your primary care physician regardless. That being said, if you are feeling drained, need extra caffeine boosts all the time and simply are not experiencing the same strength and explosion in the weight room, that may be a sign. Another sign is erectile dysfunction. If you are having trouble maintaining an erection, you may want to see the Medical Health Institute for ED Treatment in Miami.


I think it is clear now that if anything, you need to give these guys a shot. Between the fact that they are literally patients themselves, and both in shape, youthful and passionate guys it is an absolute no brainier compared to other clinics. That aside, they are both sharp and experienced individuals that have a desire to help people and get you to your lifestyle goals. This is only some of the reasons that make them the best testosterone replacement therapy clinics in Miami. Try them at one of their two locations below.

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