President And CEO of barstool sports Dave Portnoy questions the sudden pivot from flatten the curve to find a cure of the coronavirus Quarantine and I could not have really said it better myself hands why I’m not really adding any commentary to this video. What the flip is going on out there? This is why I Find it hard to shrug off any sort of vaccine agenda.

Dave is a sports junkie comedian and entertainer, hes not a scientist. But you can’t tell me this is it what a lot of us are thinking right now.

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It just goes to show this is what happens when you turn healthcare into a business. The country is so divided on everything including science. Emergency medicine and modern medicine has muddied the waters of what people want to believe health wise. Cancer rates are out of control along with metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart disease (speaking about the US).

Yet we continue to fund cancer treatments like chemotherapy while continuing to dump toxins and into our bodies disallowing ourselves to invest in any preventative measures. The real cancer is our lifestyle, our agriculture and our general way of treating one another.

Nobody knows shit about the immune system, what’s healthy, what isn’t or even their own identity. Some live their lives pleasing their family or society and do shit just bc thats what they thought they were supposed to do. They judge others who march to the drum of their own beat only to hit a cement wall head-on at 40, 50 or even 60 years old.

We’ve been dumbed down we are so far from living our truth, one can live their entire existence without living any sort of purpose. Is there a purpose? I’d like to think so, but we’ll never find it when we are so far removed from the true form of human existence.


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