Well its May, and it doesn’t seem like the country has reopened. It seems as most of America has successfully stopped the spread of COVID-19 so now the question is, when can we get on with our lives? The thing is, that this virus is so contagious, the second we re-open THERE WILL BE NEW OUTBREAKS, its just the nature of how the virus behaves.

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We were under the impression that we were on lock down to assist hospitals and our healthcare system. Well we’ve done that – now maybe other parts of the country such as NYC have to adhere to a different set of rules, but one has to wonder when stay-at-home orders will be lifted and beaches and parks can re-open. Ultimately, people are going to get this thing again, its inevitable which means at some point the country needs to get back on its feet. A lockdown was a temporary solution to the problem to buy us time. We’ve done that, it is not a sustainable response to the Coronavirus.

Below you’ll see an excerpt to a CNN headline from May 1st basically slamming Georgia for re-opening. We’ve already covered how the CDC is inflating Coronavirus death tolls, who’s to say we can trust CNN of all news sources with COVID-19 test results. They release these headlines in order to cause mass hysteria because for whatever reason, their agenda is for the United States to reopen as slowly as possible. This is clear.

So what’s the verdict here?

  • The media lies, we know that, its not even a talking point.
  • States should open up at their own pace.
  • People should expect new outbreaks no matter when we open up.
  • The healthcare system should have had ample time to equip its hospitals with the proper amount of PPE (Masks, gloves, uniforms) for when we do reopen.
  • Ventilator (how they’re being used is a whole nother story) are stockpiled and ready to go

That’s what we can come up with. What we’ve taken from social media is that people are still very scared to integrate themselves back into society, and that is their right, no qualms there. That being said, the amount of fear out there is overwhelming. There are claims to keep the lockdown going until June or July claiming “We didn’t work this hard just to have the virus flare up again”. Well guess what that’s exactly what it’s gonna do in July, August and even September. You simply cannot eradicate a virus off the face of the earth by staying home. That’s not how viruses work. Someone will be a carrier of this thing, go to the grocery store or subway train and infect who knows how many people. Then they’ll infect others and we’ll be right back where we started. The point of the lockdown is to better equip the healthcare system to battle this thing. Whether or not it’s had enough time to prepare is yet to be determined, but they better get going because the clock is ticking.


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