laura ingraham calls out youtube censorship on covid19

Laura Ingraham Calls Out YouTube Censorship

I was never a fan of Laura Ingraham, until now. Watch a excerpt from her show "The Ingraham Angle" where she calls out YouTube for flat out CENSORSHIP during...
How Is The CDC Culminating Coronavirus Death Tolls? #Debunkthisfauci

How Is The CDC Culminating Coronavirus Death Tolls? #Debunkthisfauci

IS THE CDC INFLATING COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) DEATH TOLLS? Upon the start of the epidemic, the CDC released two codes for COVID-19 deaths. 7.1 is for a lab confirmed diagnosis 7.2 is for...
social distancing pandemic drone

Police Unleash ‘Pandemic Drones’ to Monitor Social Distancing *CRAZY*

QUICK INTRO Aright things have gone a little bit TOO FAR! Many of us have already been skeptical about the origins and reasons behind the unleashing of the novel Coronavirus....

Plant-Based Movement Continues to Pick Up Steam | Artist Spotlight – David Goldman

It's hard to gauge what everyone's internet browsing experience is like because well, it's their experience.Β  But what has undoubtedly gone without notice is the plant-based movement which includes...

Why America’s Opioid Epidemic Should Make You Very Very Angry.

  "Why?", you say.Β  It doesn't effect me.Β  Or, "I don't know anyone on opiods".Β  Or even, "I don't know anyone who has an opiod addiction problem".Β  Nobody seems to...

Corn. It’s What’s For Dinner =)

Corn has little to any nutrition nowadays anyway. Crops are meant to be eaten during a certain time of year and those seasonal crops compliment each other by prepping...
Dana Loesch NRA townhall

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch had a chance to make a difference to humanity and...

We are in a very fragile time for society.Β  Technology is thriving and we are more informed as ever yet just as dangerous. We have grown as a species...
stoneman douglas shooter nikolas de jesus cruz

Why the recent school shootings go beyond “Mental Health Issues”.

I grew up in neighborhoods similar to the one's i've seen in Parkland and Coral Springs except it was on Long Island. When Colombine first went down which was...
miami bike scene

Critical Mass locks down Miami Beach and nobody knows exactly why and for what.

Ok. Β Someone. Β Please tell me. Β What the fuck is the point of this? Β Are you really lacking that much individuality that you can't decide to go on a freakin'...
save our bees

March Against Monsanto March – Miami, FL – Why being active matters

My experience at the March Against Monsanto on May 20th was an interesting one. Β After a ton of reading, documentaries and research I had gained much frustration about what...

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deadzone predicts coronavirus covid19 in 2003

DEADZONE 2003 Episode Predicts Coronavirus and It’s Treatment

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