“Why?”, you say.  It doesn’t effect me.  Or, “I don’t know anyone on opiods”.  Or even, “I don’t know anyone who has an opiod addiction problem”.  Nobody seems to get outraged about anything these days unless it happens in their own backyard.  If there’s a bombing in a brown country, no one cares.  If it happens in France, we send our thoughts and prayers.  If it happens in Vegas we get a little bit angry, and if it happens in a high school full of children we run to Facebook to bash heads with NRA enthusiasts that once upon a time we considered our friends, or at least very sensible people.  (Somehow, the argument always turns into taking all their guns away).

This bickering, while in some ways is better than doing nothing, doesn’t bring forth the change we truly want in our hearts.  In fact I don’t think anyone has ever changed anyone else’s mind while spatting on the book.  Perhaps we’ve influenced some of the onlookers, or Facebook lurkers as I’d like to call them, but that’s about it.

The reason no one seems to care about the fairly publicized Opioid epidemic is because we have been conditioned to not care about anything, we’ve been conditioned to worry about ourselves.  To “stay positive” and that ‘The Secret’ will take care of all of our manifestations.  “Steer clear of that person if they have a problem, they must have created it on their own.”, seems to be the standard way of thinking.  Ya, because you watched a couple of videos on quantum physics and read a couple of memes on the internet so you’re an expert on the universe now.  BLAHAHA!  It’s laughable and it is one of the biggest reasons for the mental health issues we have in this country right now.  People aren’t just fighting depression, they are fighting loneliness and both can lead to very, very ugly outcomes.  Furthermore, we have been conditioned to accept the status quo and we’ve even been led to believe that the systems set in place around us are not detrimental to our well-being whatsoever.  Well, um… they are.

The basis of healthcare in America is predicated on a farce.  A farce of temporary fixes that lead to bigger problems down the line.  Fixes that equivocate to a junkie going to see their drug dealer over and over again.  Except in America’s case, it’s just that it’s dressed up in a white medical gown and a couple of college degrees.  This is NOT a “conspiracy” or one of my “theories” or my favorite term in pop culture “Conspiracy Theory” – which has become a derogatory term for critical thinking nowadays.  This just is what it is, which is the truth.  It’s the current state of our medical industry. This is due to the oligarchy that is the United States and to the technology that is currently available to the scientific community, which is in many way limiting and unreliable.  But most of all, it is due to the fact that we are allowing it to continue.

I’m not a numbers guy and I didn’t create the website to spat out statistics in order to prove my point.  The number of deaths per year due to opiods including and excluding non-methadone synthetics, benzodiazepines, heroin, cocaine, are all listed on this website at drugabuse.gov.  I encourage you to do your research just as I have done mine and that is a good starting point.

Moving on, let me continue by posing this question in a sort of ‘leading the witness’ type of way.  If you spill a two-liter bottle of soda in your living room, do you place a carpet over it to hide the mess or do you whip out the cleaning products and get to work.  I’m guessing the latter of the two.  Well, sweeping things under the rug is exactly what doctors are telling their patients to do.   Now here is where you start to begin to relate to the situation since opioids clearly haven’t done the trick.  They aren’t just doing this with opioids.  This happens with most other prescriptions.  Although opioids are considered a huge problem in this country I feel there’s more of an epidemic with the amount of people who go see someone as “innocent” as their dermatologist.  This type of doctor frustrates me more than anything else.  It’s their very innocence that makes them so damaging.  The fact that none of what they do seems like a very big deal, but on a principle basis, it is.  Now I may lose some readers saying this, but just hear me out. Dermatologists are very close to useless.  In fact, if you ask me, they shouldn’t even exist – we should have moved on from them as a society years ago.  They might have helped people in the past but one day, the dermatologist will be extinct.

The first issue you need to look at when you are having skin problems is your diet.  The body uses your skin as a means to detoxify once your liver and/or kidneys are overworked.  These get weakened over time for a multitude of reasons.  When you’re putting on antiperspirant to stop you from sweating and in women’s case (and some men), applying make-up daily, you are not only putting more chemicals in your body, but you are also disallowing toxins from getting out.  People are going to their dermatologist to get god knows what ointment to put on their face and then pounding it with a shit list of processed foods and cosmetic products (deodorant, makeup, etc) that are generally regarded as safe, only that they aren’t.  By going to the dermatologist, we are effectively disregarding the body’s first warning sign that for whatever reason, you are slowly turning into a walking pile of pig shit!  (I am not saying this to you to be an asshole, I am saying this to you because I care).  In other words, you are becoming more acidic and more toxic by the day.  That toxicity can lead to many other problems including the end game, the cash cow for the medical industry.  =We all know someone who has been effected by it, or know someone-who-knows-someone who has gone through it.  IT, is known to you as cancer.

Now I am not a scientist, but it doesn’t seem like cancer is the type of disease that manifests itself overnight.  It is something that develops over a longer period of time similar to autoimmune disorders such as Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The reason I used the soda spill incident as a comparison because I am wondering as to why we are so careless with our own bodies.  We’d never let the soda sit there as it will rot the carpet and then eventually the wood underneath.  We are careless in large part because we can’t see what is on the inside – nor can we feel it.  Or, we are just not educated to know how to feel it.  When I say we’ve been conditioned to accept the status quo, I mean that warning signs might come along the way that people shrug off as normal.  Be it a mild case of heart burn, constipation or any other tell-tale sign that the body is not working optimally.  We patch it up with a little prev-acid or the drug of your choice and return to our regularly scheduled program of not caring about a thing.

“That’s because they have made us believe that they are doing a good thing.”

When did we get to this point in society that we expected to make things better without changing our habits???  Why is it that people encounter so many doubters on their road to success.  There are so many haters and there is so much jealousy out there while common people compete for success and prosperity, yet we allow the medical industry to stockpile billions of dollars at the expense of our lives. That’s because they have made us believe that they are doing a good thing.  Listen, I am not saying we shouldn’t have a cancer research department, like at all.  And, I am not waging a war on modern medicine – I will address that later.  What I am saying is that if we addressed these problems at their root cause, we might not need those specific departments to begin with.  The money can go into other things.  Things we have yet to imagine because we are still stuck on step ‘b’.

So here’s the CRAZY part.  Prescription drugs don’t even claim to make your problems go away.  This is never advertised!!!  It is even more astonishing that people believe that they have NO.OTHER.CHOICE.  Is it because they are too lazy to make other sacrifices and lifestyle changes – or simply because they trust their doctors?  It’s a combination of both sometimes, but a lot of times it’s the latter of the two.  Doctors have to give their patients a choice and these days their actions are clear.  They aren’t.  In fact they will vehemently discourage you from doing things other than taking their prescription drugs.  They work at prestigious establishments and might even be the head of their entire department, which leaves a lot of people nodding their heads in agreement when being given “decent medical advice”.  If provided with any pushback, they use the excuse that certain approaches have yet to be scientifically proven and they will lean on the FDA as their crutch time and time again.    Well, were things “proven” before they took product x off of the shelves.  Were they “proven” before they had that class action suit filed against a particular drug or surgical procedure?  Things get proven and then unproven in science all the time so why don’t you just quit the charade with all thistomfoolery and lay people’s options out on the table for them.  Yes, I know there is this thing called the internet and a world full of knowledge out there at their fingertips but its your JOB.  It’s what they are paying you for and this is what makes me angry.  It makes me mad as hell.



Now this isn’t some raid on modern medicine.  I’m not coming here to bash the technological advancements we’ve achieved as a society because some of the science we’ve been blessed with is very effective and there definitely is a time and a place for it.  I’m not saying all doctors are evil and I’m not saying the lotion that saved you from acne doesn’t work.  The way I see it is that everything that led us up to this point was to some extent very necessary.  The point is to evolve and move on from them.  Renew the system, break the wheel.  The one thing glaring difference I see  in humans from other animals is in the way in which we evolve.  While most mammals, fish, birds, amphibians have been proven to show physical evolutionary changes over time, the current form of homo sapien has been gifted the ability of becoming more civil and more humane through the use of their mind.  We’ve actually come a long way as a society since the dark ages, the crusades, slavery and other atrocities.  This is in no way to say that we don’t have a TON of work to do.  Which brings me to my main point.  We have a lot of industries in this country that are not just thriving, but relying on the fact that we continue to believe that we have no other way but their way.  Their very own existence depends on it.  Big Oil invests millions to lead you to believe that it is cleaner than it has been in the past and more efficient than solar.  That it’s not a danger to the environment. They are so threatened at this point, they even took out a spot for Superbowl ad! (Superbowl LI).  We all know how expensive those commercials can be.

Now just check out the music and the vibrant colors they use to paint their innocence. It actually looks like a really cool ad.  This here is your typical wolf in sheep’s clothing motif. When you visit Monsanto’s website you don’t expect them to advertise the fact that they are poisoning your food do you? Of course not! It’s more like “Better, More Sustainable and Integrated Innovations for the Farm” and “Digital Farming technology: Protecting crops Around the World”. Go check it out for yourself, it’s very convincing. This oil commercial though is a bit easier to read passed. Unfortunately, even these cheap combat tactics will work on most sheeple who will mindlessly be programmed to believe that everything is ok, and that everything is on the right track. The bottom line is that there are numerous cleaner and more efficient alternatives to the ones they propose. And if we still need it to get to space then good, use it to GET TO SPACE.  Not to power every single household in America.  Are you starting to see what I’m getting at?  The problem is that these  alternatives available to us do not fill up their own pockets.  The problem is greed.  A grotesque quality that that word alone doesn’t do itself justice.

pictorial definition of greed

The fight doesn’t stop there. These big, seemingly indestructible conglomerates or corporations are so threatened they are moving into defcon 5 mode. Things are changing so rapidly that they are fighting even more aggressively to ensure their own existence. Big Oil has teamed up with utility companies and corrupted local government officials to effectively pass laws that cripple AMERICAN BUSINESSES.  Making it more difficult to operate, American solar companies are forced to downsize due to the restrictions and taxes they face on a local level. This is what’s taking place as opposed to the rapid expansion and success they should be experiencing. This is a huge swing of the pendulum in the other direction. The growth and usage of solar should be common sense at this point and should be a slam dunk investment for your home, business and in the stock market.  Please watch the trailer below on the speed bumps, restrictions and detours clean energy is facing in this country.  The legal battles these people face gets pretty emotional and I deem it a must watch.

What is happening with the advancement of technology moving into the hands of the common folk, is that people are getting closer and closer to being self-sufficient.  We are gaining the ability to live off the grid while sustaining a luxurious way of life. Big Pharma, Big Oil and the rest of the behemoths that run this country do not like that. They do not like it one bit.

So how did we get started on opioids and finish on solar power?  This happens all of the time when you get into these conversations.  You begin to analyze things and you begin to connect the dots.  You begin to see the same processes taking place across different industries over and over again.  You begin to see resistance being met for good causes that should be seeing no resistance at all, except for the malcontent and malinterest of the few and the powerful.  The few that are threatened by these advancements.

So before you go I’d like for you to do two more things.  Watch this trailer titled “Catching the Sun” which aired on Netflix starting in 2015 and then listen to your new favorite song which I pasted below.  Preferably on some studio speakers and maybe, just maybe you can begin to feel what I feel.

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